Best Alkaline Water Brands – Guide To Choose

There are so many alkaline water brands available on the market.They are offered in a variety of sizes,you can buy either in a small bottle for drink at once and also in the form of gallons that have more content so it can be stored or taken by many people.

Every brands of alkaline water offer best quality . They says using high technology systems in processing and tight control to get the best alkaline water.

But, people like us never know how they do in processing the water. They can says anything to promote the product and make the brand be famous. We must be careful before decide to buy,so do not be fooled.

alkaline water brands

alkaline water brands

Therefore, here I will give a little explanation about alkaline water and some of the brands that can be a reference for you in the choosing the best alkaline water brands.We will compare their strengths and weaknesses and also find one that suits you and your family health.

How To Choose Best Alkaline Water Brands ?

There are some guideline to choose best brands of alkaline water that you should know before decide to buy;
  • Choose alkaline water produced by a local company, where you live today. It is highly recommended that alkaline water is still fresh, free from damage to the packaging time of delivery or damage because of the weather and prolonged storage.
  • Choose alkaline water that is packaged in glass bottles if any. If bought in a plastic bottle packaging, choose a bottle that transparent and disposable . Do not buy refill alkaline bottle water. Note also Standardization packaging (The International Bottled Water Association -IBWA).
  • Choose alkaline water brand that has a pH greater than 7. as good alkaline water it actually contains a high pH.

ComparisonĀ  Best Alkaline Bottled Water BrandsĀ 


The first alkaline water brands on the list is the Essentia alkaline water. Essential water is purified through numerous processes such as reverse osmosis, micro filtration, and also UV lighting.

The pH for Essentia water is 9.5 which is normal for Alkaline water. Essentia water is also enhanced and mineralized with pure mineral such as sodium bicarbonate, potassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride.

This water is also free from chloride and fluoride, making it safe for children and adults alike.

It is available in numerous bottle sizes such as one liter, two liter, or twenty ounce. Their bottles are recyclable so for those who want to save the planet this water brand is perfect for you.

It is pretty popular among alkaline water drinker and it has gain more popularity towards the public market.


Next,the second alkaline bottled water brands we have a food industry giant. Nestle does not only produce regular bottled water. They have also started selling and marketing their new alkaline bottled water named Nestle Pure Life Purified water.

It is ionized with ions that are beneficial for your body. It is also added with more mineral for health and also tastes purposes.

As a big and well established company nestle makes the Nestle pure life purified water in almost all container you can possibly get. From 8 ounces to five gallon, you can choose whatever size you want your water to be.

Nestle has a lot of following and this Nestle Pure Life Purified water is no exception. It is one of the most popular purified alkaline water brands you can find in the market.


The third alkaline water brandsĀ  that you can check out is the Voss purified bottle. You may probably have seen this Voss bottled water somewhere because the design of the bottle is very unique.

It is shaped like a cylindrical bottle with big cap on top of it, unlike regular purified water bottle that uses the normal type of bottle. The difference between Voss and other purified alkaline bottled water is the source of the water.

Voss purified water comes from Norway and it is a very good place with great spring water that you can enjoy with Voss water. Voss also provides a sparkling version of their alkaline purified water, something that no other purified water company can offer at this moment.

The only downside of Voss alkaline purified water is the size of the bottle. The size of the bottle is big and the volume of it is not really the standard of all other alkaline water bottle brands that is in the market.

This is the cause that the price for Voss purified alkaline bottled water is more expensive than its competitor.

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