Alkaline Water Danger

Is Alkaline Water Dangerous?

Alkaline water is one kind of water that has passed through the ionization process with a special device. This water can be obtained from the packaging and processing with its own devices in the home. Type alkaline water became more famous after claimed to improve overall human health. A wide variety of benefits of alkaline water is as improve the health of bones and teeth, improve the immune system and can reduce the potential for free radicals. A lot of evidence suggests that this water can be a major requirement for the body system.

Meanwhile, in addition to a huge advantage, then alkaline water dangers are also starting to become the talk of everyone. Not only the people who are already actively consuming, but also who have not tried to consume. Alkaline water is said to improve human health in a fast time. For example, if the normal water cannot meet all the needs of the mineral, the alkaline water is said to be sufficient role in sufficient quantities. In addition, the amount of high pH can also be said to be a threat to the bad acid that enters the body.

alkaline water danger

alkaline water danger

Why Is Alkaline Water Dangers?

Before we look at all the potential dangers that arise, then it is better if the water content is studied in detail. Not many things can be proved by all the evidence whether drinking alkaline water is risks to our health or not. They say that the water contains magnesium and calcium as most minerals needed by the body. But the following are some considerations that say that alkaline water dangers.

a. Alkaline water is said to be able to make are calcium content of the water is higher. Even the ability of alkaline water says more water than usual. Meanwhile, water that contains various mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium are able to make the workings of the body become healthier.

b. Alkaline water is said to be able to make all the water content in the body will be fulfilled. Some evidence that the alkaline water will eliminate the acidic compounds that accumulate in the body. The result is that the body feels energized and become more powerful. But all of this evidence has not been obtained until now. And alkaline water also will change the pH of water is said to be higher, but it has never been proven.

Potential Hazards That Arise In Alkaline Water

The dangers of  drinking alkaline water are not only obtained from various kinds of analysis that became one of the marketing strategies. Society becomes easier to believe because alkaline water is said to make the body become healthier. But some potential below can be used as evidence of whether or not alkaline water hazards;

a. The problem of high pH alkaline water is said to be a potential lacking good for the body. Not just a sentence that will keep everyone interested. Actually, the human body may require a higher pH of 7, and was included in the neutral pH. But all kinds of water typically have a higher pH than that. This however requires more robust clinical trials.

b. Alkaline water is said to make health becomes greater. This may be turned off by the fact that alkaline water is able to lead to a greater potential. Various kinds of bacteria important to the body and not all types of bacteria to be killed by the alkaline water that enters the body. So, we also need some kind of important substances to keep the good bacteria and good body cells.

c. Antioxidant treatment that is said to be able to make more advanced cancer treatment with alkaline water. This process may take a long time to reveal more definite evidence. The problem is not the type of cancer disease is easy to treat.

So after you know all the dangers of alkaline water, whether you want to consume or not. Not all the things that you think might be true. Some evidence that the alkaline water to be healthier for the body or not, must be proved in the right way. Some suggestion the water alkaline is good or not for the body also can be one of the marketing tactics.

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