Alkaline Water Filter

4 Types of Alkaline Water Filter

If we talk about alkaline water, we can’t separate it with alkaline water filter. Water filter system has an important role in the making alkaline water especially if you want to make this type of water at home. The function of the filter is to separate between alkaline water and the acidic water so you can drink perfect alkaline water. So, let’s learn more about water filter to make alkaline water.

alkaline water filter

alkaline water filter

Water Ionizer

This type of alkaline water filter is commonly used because this filter is easy to use. By the time you are applying this water filter, the level of electricity of the water will be enhanced. It means your water is passing through the ionized process. This is because the ionizer runs over positive and negative electrodes. The function of this filter is to separate between alkaline water and the acidic water.

By filtering the water, you will have up to 70% of alkaline water separate from acidic water. The most important thing is that you can drink this type of alkaline water. How about the acidic water after separating it using water ionizer? Don’t directly through the waste because you can use to kill bacteria. Interestingly, you can use it for you body to so you can free from bacteria and keep your body health.

Ionizing Water Filter

To make alkaline water at home, you need a filter and this filter can be your option. You can choose ionizing water filter because this product is easy to transport. Moreover, it is also considered as affordable product to support your project to create alkaline water at home. This filter works similar to the ordinary filter. When the water is ready to separate, you can just directly pour it to the ionizing water filter. Then, you just need for about 3 minutes up to 5 minutes.

Although, it looks simple your water will be passing through a series of filters. In the end, the water is considered as pure alkaline water. Most people who want to create alkaline water tend to choose this water filter because they can easily find it in kitchen appliance at home stores. Just check the closest home stores and find it at the kitchen appliance section.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This type of water filter is also known as hyper filter. Just like the name of the product, reverse osmosis water filter is commonly used for filtration process. The strength of this type of filter is on its ability to catch specific elements than any other filter. Because this water filter can catch more detail elements which don’t really need in alkaline water, it means you alkaline water will be perfect. If you don’t have this type of product, you just need to go to local home improvement stores.

Water Distiller and pH drops

Actually, this is the simple way if you don’t really want to use a complicate or expensive water filter. In this case, water distiller works by boiling the water which you put there. The function of the boiling process is to kill the bacteria within the water before you drink it. Moreover, it is also good to remove the impurities in the fresh water which commonly found before you boiling the water. It is true that after the boiling process, the water looks alkaline but the process is not done yet. When the boiling process is done, you can directly use the pH drops. pH drops helps you to make the water more alkaline so you can drink it safely.

You can also buy this type of filter. The price of this product is various and it depends on the size and the shape. Just like the ionizing water filter, you can also find distiller at the kitchen appliance section in the home stores.

After learning about alkaline water filter above, it is better to prepare everything as soon as possible. Don’t forget that alkaline water filter is not only equipment you have to prepare. Just learn more about how to make alkaline water at home so you know the function of water filter above. Just follow the instruction so you can really have fresh and perfect alkaline water to drink. The final achievement is that you can drink alkaline water at home and get the benefits for your health maximally.

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