Portable Alkaline Water Pitcher Benefits

Now, we also hear about the existence of portable alkaline water pitcher. It is made to give people simplicity to get the alkaline water, even though during traveling. Of course, that is made in order to improve the health of the body. The water intake in the body plays an essential role to the health of the body especially the metabolism of the body. So, drinking enough water per day is such an essential thing to do to fulfill the need to make the body fit and healthy.

Being healthy is the hope of anyone and there are so many ways to maintain the health well and in an effective way. By having the good health condition, we will be able to deal with the best body health condition and prevent any kinds of diseases which might attack. Surely, it is not only about having a proper exercise regularly everyday but also having the right diet and good quality sleep every day.Drinking good water by using portable alkaline water pitcher is simple ways.

alkaline water pitcher

alkaline water pitcher

In the normal condition, water ph is seven. It is the neutral condition. When it is less than seven, then it means that it is acidic. Then, the acidic one will make the body imbalanced and might cause some health problems. While, the alkaline water ph is more than seven. The negative ions in alkaline water are more than the positive ones. It helps the body to create better energy carrier in the body.

The neutral Ph in the body means having the ideal condition of the body health. Then, the alkaline water will help the body neutralizing the body acidity. So, it will be neutral. Another benefit of the alkaline water is helping the body to reverse or even slow down the oxidation and acidification. Then, water ph which is more than seven helps neutralizing the harmful substance in the body.

There are some ways to keep and maintain the Ph in the body to be balance. One of the simple ways is eating a lot of foods and drink waters which can help regulating the metabolic activities inside the bodies. Then, the alkaline water will be effective helping us altering the natural ionic nature of the water. Then, that is why the alkaline water pitcher jug is made. It is the simple way to get the alkaline water to be consumed in simpler way such like during traveling.

Consuming alkaline water will be great as the half of the need of the water per day. So, if you need eight glasses of water in a day, you can consume the alkaline water 4 glasses a day. Then, you will get the neutral Ph in the body for the better body health and metabolism to avoid a lot of diseases.

Actually, besides using the portable alkaline water pitcher, you can simply make your own alkaline water. That is so simple since you only need nine grams of sea salt to be added into your neutral water. Another idea is by adding lemon juice from one lemon to the neutral water. The alternative is five tea spoon of baking soda, which is aluminum free to the neutral water. The water you need is about one liter. Then, you can add the particular types of beads for filtering it. That will be the ways you need to do when you are going to make your own alkaline water.

The alkaline water pitcher jug will be helpful if you do not want to make it too complicated or time consuming. That will also be useful for your traveling need. You can simply choosing the pitcher to make the alkaline water which has the travel size with the simple shape to give us simplicity to pack it in our bag during traveling.

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