Benefits and Disadvantages of Distilled Water for Drinking

Drinking clean water is important for our health, but distilled water for drinking is something that has become debate subject for years. However, general people usually think that distilled water will be cleaner and purer than other types of water, because distilled water eliminates all impurities as well as minerals (including the ones that contribute to mineral needs in the body). Nevertheless, distilled water as drinking water never stops creating controversies over whether it is healthier or not.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Distilled Water for Drinking

Benefits and Disadvantages of Distilled Water for Drinking

There are several benefits and disadvantages of distilled water for drinking, and those factors must be considered before deciding which water you want to consume for daily life.

Benefits of Distilled Water for Drinking

Clean and healthy water means there are no dangerous substances, chemicals, strange smell or color; even if there are some substances or microorganisms in the water, they must be within permitted limit. However, distilled water is devoid of all of them, because the water is from condensed team that is re-condensed. Here are some benefits of distilled water for drinking:

  • Distilled water is safer. The distillation process strips the water from possible dangerous substances and chemicals. This is why distillation is also used to get clean water outdoor, especially during emergency situation.
  • Distilled water is easier to distribute in charity activities, especially in areas where clean water is hard to get, or where the tap water is unsuitable to drink directly. It can also be made on spot even with simple tools.
  • Distilled water is easy to make, so campers and hikers are advised to be able to make distilled water for drinking if they need to.

While distilled water has all these benefits, there are several disadvantages that you must pay attention to.

Disadvantages of Distilled Water for Drinking

Despite being pure and clean, distilled water for drinking still keeps some low points that need to be considerations, especially for daily consumption, such as:

  • Your risk getting more free radicals in the body. This is because distilled water contains more Hydrogen, and when you drink this water in high quantity, you get more risk in getting free radicals that cause cancer, early aging, and other conditions.
  • Mineral depletion risk. While filtered, tap and purified water has some substances in them, it also contains minerals that are essential for the body. Normally, humans get some of their mineral needs from drinking water, but drinking too much distilled water every day can deplete your body of the important minerals.
  • Strange flavor. Since distilled water for drinking removes all the minerals and substances, it is devoid of familiar ‘water flavor’ you probably remember from tap water, bottled water (non-distilled water), or purified water you usually drink, which earn their flavors because of their chemical substances and minerals.

In the end, distilled water for drinking is still far from mass production, but there are many benefits of distilled water that can really work in difficult situations. However, distilled water also has health risks and some disadvantages that make this water is not always the most ideal option, although distilled water for drinking does have good benefits for healthy body.

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