Benefits of Distilled Water Compared to Other Water Types

Distilled water is basically water that has been cleared of all its minerals through condensation and re-condensation process. Benefits of distilled water are basically still being debated, but distilled water presents one clear point: no minerals and other substances present in the water anymore. Distilled water for consumption has way different characteristics from purified water and tap water, and those who wish to try different types of water for daily consumption must at least know the characteristics.

Benefits of Distilled Water Compared to Other Water Types

Benefits of Distilled Water Compared to Other Water Types

Tap Water and Benefits of Distilled Water

While tap water in certain countries can be directly consumed, it still has traces of minerals such as salt, chloramines, and fluoride, as well as substances and even microorganism. However, in countries like US, it is still consumable as long as the amount of substance and microorganism present does not exceed EPA limit. Meanwhile, distilled water has the exact same and pure composition wherever you get it, because the process is the same anywhere (unlike tap water; which composition depends on the filtration method of each water purification company as well as the water source). It is clear that main benefit of tap water is protecting the drinker from microorganism and substances probably contained in the water.

The difference between distilled and tap water is also apparent in the ice cubes made of these two types of water; while ice made of tap water looks murky and contains air bubbles, ice made of distilled water looks clear. This makes other benefit of distilled water: the ice cubes made of this water looks great as aesthetic factor in a glass of beverage (including for food photography).

Purified Water and Benefits of Distilled Water

Purified water is the term for filtrated tap water, which is usually bottled or put in gallons for water dispenser. The filtration process can use conventional filtering or de-ionizing process, achieved by adding certain chemicals that purify the water from bacteria and microorganism. However, just like tap water, purified water still has its minerals, unlike distilled water. Despite having fewer amounts of impurities compared to tap water, purified water still has more substances and minerals in its body compared to distilled water. This is the benefit of distilled water; the water you drink is completely devoid of any substances and minerals.


Tap water, purified water and distilled water have different amounts of substances and chemicals presence in their bodies; tap water has the most while distilled water is completely devoid of them. On one side, this is a benefit of distilled water, since you do not have to worry about any substances, chemicals and microorganism in the drinking water. On the other hand, you probably miss some of important minerals that you can get from purified or tap water, especially if the tap water in your city is definitely clean and has high filtration standard.

The point: benefits of distilled water, tap water and purified water all lie in different factors such as your area, the origin of your water, and the quality of the water company. Some people may prefer tap water that gives more mineral, others choose purified water that is usually slightly more expensive, or distilled water that has no substances and minerals whatsoever and therefore very pure.

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