Benefits of Drinking Bottled Artesian Water

There are many bottled water brands in the market, and they come from various sources. Some are from purified tap water, some from natural spring, and others are distilled and artesian water. Each water source gives certain characteristics to the bottled water, but artesian water has special characteristics that add several plus points to it as drinking water, and many people love buying bottled water that comes from this source. Let’s see why artesian water has special points and benefits as bottled water.

Benefits of Drinking Bottled Artesian Water

Benefits of Drinking Bottled Artesian Water

What Is Artesian Water?

Basically, artesian water is water that comes from deep earth aquifer, usually between rock layers. The deep location of this aquifer makes artesian water rich with minerals, but relatively free from contaminants such as toxin, bacteria, microbes, acid, and many more (which can defile even natural spring water). Also, companies usually tap water from this source by using deep well and long pipe, so the water stays free of contaminants until it is processed and bottled. Therefore, this water is often considered by many as the best.

Artesian water is rich of several minerals that are important for us, such as:

  • Calcium, which is important for our teeth and bones.
  • Fluoride, which is important to keep the teeth enamel in prime condition.
  • Silica, which gives the artesian water its ‘fresh’ taste.
  • Natural electrolytes, which help regulating your blood acidity and its pH balance, keeping you from feeling tired.

With all these mineral benefits plus its fresh taste and lack of contaminants, artesian water definitely has some plus points to consider if you are looking for bottled water product with specific, healthy source.

Differences between Artesian Water and Other Sources

Bottled water goes through several processes that make the water potable, but different sources have different characteristics that probably influence the taste and benefits of water. Purified water is the most common source of bottled water products; it is widely available and can be found at many markets. However, bottled water from purified tap water must be produced by good companies if you want good taste and lower contaminants, and it depends on the brand.

Natural spring may sound like refreshing and the best water source for bottled water. However, since natural spring comes from source that is located on the surface, so there are some chances that this water source gets contaminated by various means. Distilled water, meanwhile, is water in its purest form, devoid of all minerals and possible contaminants because it is result from condensation and re-condensation, which means that the water comes from the pure steam. However, this also means that distilled water has no natural minerals, which are important for health.

So, which one is the best? Purified water is the most common source of bottled water, followed by natural spring. Meanwhile, distilled water may be cleaner, but it has plain taste and devoid of all useful minerals, although it is great for areas with questionable water quality or disaster areas with contaminated water sources. Therefore, artesian water is the best option that embraces all positive qualities.

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