Benefits of Drinking Pure Water for Your Health

Almost 70 percent or 2/3 of our body consists of water, and that what makes water very essential to support our life and health in general. The key into healthy and balance life is to drink enough water per day, because if not, you may experience symptoms of dehydration.

It is a condition when your body lacks of water supply, in which may also cause your skin looks dry and dull, dark colored, constant fatigue, and disturb healthy metabolism system. Pure water, in this sense, is the key into healthy and balance diet, even very significant to promote beauty of your skin.

Benefits of Drinking Pure Water for Your Health

Benefits of Drinking Pure Water for Your Health

How Much Should I Drink?

Is there any standard of how much water that we should consume per day? Having sufficient pure water intake will help you fight against premature ageing, lower your cholesterol level, and effective to be incorporated in weight loss program. The key is: Enough.

You don’t want to have too little or even too much water; too little water intake per day will make your dehydrated, and too much water consumption per day will make yourself bloat.

However, the need of pure water intake is different from one person to another, depending on the gender, age, and daily activities. Those who have active routines need more water than people with less activity to make the metabolism function well.

The general rule is to have at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water per day, but that just makes the bottom standard, so, you may want to consume 10 glasses per day at least.

Can’t I Just Drink Any Water?

Many people are still unaware that not every water is good for your body; they’re just drinking any water anyway. Did you know that consuming pure water is more effective to support your health system, instead of any other type of water? Soda, for example.

You may think that as long as you drink – no matter what you’re drinking – is fine. But soda contains high level of sugar and artificial sweetener; it may relieves your thirst, but it doesn’t necessarily hydrate your body. When you are not properly hydrated, you are more likely to be attacked by viruses.

Pure water, on the other hand, is free from contaminants, chemicals, and other additives that make it perfect for daily consumption. It can increase your inner and outer beauty, health, and promote healthier metabolism.

A study also finds that when you replace low-sugar sodas and sport drinks with pure water, it can double your performance and increase the possibility to lose more weight in your diet program.

The Best Source of Pure Water

Instead of plain water, there is another source of good natural pure water. Coconut water contains high benefits for your health. Coconut water is excellent source of pure water that contains high electrolytes, rich in antibacterial properties and lauric acids.

Consuming coconut water as your pure water source per day will help you improve immune system, and also recommended for sick people. If you’re not into coconut water, you can also try vegetable juice as excellent source of pure water.

Remember not to grind fruits because it can remove the benefits from the fruits itself; so, try vegetables instead.

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