Types Of Best Reverse Osmosis System For You Home

We must choose the best reverse osmosis system if we want get the best quality of water. Before we want to find it, i think we should know what is reverse osmosis system first.

Reverse osmosis water system  is a method of filtering water to purify it from contaminating material that may contain in the water. It is a way to clean water for purpose of drinking safely.

The popularity of reverse osmosis system has grown from industrial and military use to personal home water purifying system and has been applied by millions of people across the whole wide world.

Water is really important for our health because our body is made of 70% water. The higher quality water you can get than the better your body quality is.

The best reverse osmosis water filter system will works perfectly by filtering radical that is larger than the molecule of the water, so any dirt or impurities that may be found in the water can be filtered and be removed from the final product of the water.

This is great because some material such as lead can cause to serious nerve and brain damage especially on little kids. Material such as sodium is also very dangerous if consumed too much.

best reverse osmosis system

best reverse osmosis system

In this commercialized and factory produced food market that we are exposed in today’s life, the intake of sodium has doubled for the past couple of years.

Sodium is an ingredient that is used in almost every food products that is available in the market. Canned tuna, sausages, cookies, sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, juices, coffee, you name it.

Every product will at least contain some various amount of sodium to keep the product fresh for longer time. The problem is if you consume too much sodium you can get high blood pressure and it can lead to another more dangerous disease and illness that you might also get.

The solution to this problem is to reduce the amount of sodium that you consume every day. It might be hard to remove all the sodium from your food but reverse osmosis water  is free of sodium and it also help to absorb the sodium in your body.

You will feel refreshed and new after consuming reverse osmosis water for a while. It will also greatly help you who are going on a low sodium diet because reverse osmosis water is also great for losing weight and combined with low calories food you can come up with great result fast.

Now you have already know the benefits and the things that reverse osmosis water can do for you and your family, it is time to check out the best reverse osmosis system for you.

 2 Types Of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

There are a lot of reverse osmosis water systems out there in the market, and because of that it may be pretty challenging for you to choose the one that is suitable for you to use in your home. While reverse osmosis can be done with a lot of ways, there are two main types that are used in house hold use.

Cellulose triacetate membrane or better known as CTA is one kind of the filter and thin film composite membrane or better known as TFC. The CTA is mostly organic membrane that filters the water.

And because of its organic nature, it needs disinfectant to actually kill any bacteria that may grow in the membrane.

This type of filter is usually used in city water applications. TFC is more commonly known and used more as home based water purifier. The filter of TFC is made of synthetic inorganic material. This means that bacteria cannot grow in this type of filter.

TFC is the more high quality and the quantity of water that it can filter is much more than CTA. Other types of reverse osmosis system that you need to know is the tank and tank less type of reverse osmosis system.

The tank means that it can hold water usually up to 2 gallon of water. Tank less means that you can filter water directly from the tap of your home.


Reverse osmosis system is a perfect choice for you who want to have a healthier choice of drinking water in your life. Having a free from contamination drinking water will ease your mind because you and your family can finally drink your water safely. Choose the best reverse osmosis system is guaranteed to get healthy water  and change your life.

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