The Facts about Bottled Water Without Fluoride

Almost drinking water containing fluoride.But now, there are water that packing in bottled that doesn’t contain fluoride. Before talking about bottled water without fluoride, we will figure out exactly what are fluoride and bottled waters, for your better understanding.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is found in all drinking water, and its amount in water varies from area to area. Meanwhile bottled water is drinking water that is sealed in bottles.

There are various types of bottled water, depend on the type and the source of the water.

 Fluoride, Helpful, Harmful, or Both?

The dispute over whether fluoride in water bottles is helpful, harmful or both, has been all around for decades, depending on the dose. So it depends on who you ask, since fluoride is, without a doubt, toxic at certain amounts.

According to WHO’s data, there is no clear difference in tooth decay between the majority of developed countries that do not fluoridate water, and the minority that do.

Some facts about fluoride:

  • Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel in small amounts, and can lead to tooth loss and cavities in high amounts.
  • Fluoride can reduce the amount of acid produced by the bacteria on your teeth.
  • The older people who take too much fluoride can lead to osteoarthritis or osteoporosis.
  • Fluoride is also an endocrine disruptor, impact on many things in the body, targeting the thyroid and pineal gland, the brain, the bones, and even blood sugar levels. Also increasing your chance of developing cancer.
Bottled Water Without Fluoride

Bottled Water Without Fluoride

 Discover More about Bottled Water

People drink bottled water for many reasons, such as a suitable means of hydration, or a tasteful choice, but there are things you should know more about bottled water:

  •  Bottled Water is Commonly Nothing More Than Tap Water

You should choose the highest quality brands, whenever you take a bottled water. Tap water is public water that comes out of the tap and has been processed and disinfected, usually had been added fluoride and purified with chlorine.

While tap water is routinely tested and people can find online impurity in the tap water, that’s not the case with bottled water. It is not requisite to uncover that information to consumers.

For this reason, bottled water is usually not better than tap water. But Distilled water is free of fluoride.


  • The Dangers of Bottled Water

Bottled waters are not always as pure as you think. Here are some reasons not to choose bottled water:

  1. Bottled water is lacking essential minerals and usually just purify public water.
  2. Hazardous toxins from certain plastic water bottles can percolate into your water.
  3. Purifying, bottling, and transporting water need immense resources than getting your water from a clean source in the first place.
  4. Unless they clearly list fluoride as an added ingredient, bottled water products labeled as purified, de-ionized, distilled, or de-mineralized. The labels show they have been treated in such a way that they contain only a very small amounts of fluoride or fluoride free bottled water.

Meanwhile, distilled water has no minerals at all; Reverse osmosis water is commonly acidic. De-ionized water ionized contamination and minerals removed, but not bacteria.

So, all of the waters above lacks primary minerals that are important for your health. Mineral deficiency can lead to migraines, insulin resistance, constipation, high blood pressure, and also irregular heartbeat.

Does Bottled Water Contain Fluoride?

  •  Not all bottled waters contain fluoride or bottled waters may not have enough fluoride, depending on the source of the water.
  • Fluoride can be added or can be present naturally in the original source of the water used for bottling.
  • Only if the bottler adds fluoride to the water, it must be listed on the label. Fluoride is no need to be listed, if the water is naturally fluoridated.

The Effects of Drinking Bottled Water Without Fluoride

These days people tend to take a bottled water for many reasons such as convenience and tasteful choice. As we mentioned above, we can find certain types of bottled waters  brands without fluoride or bottled waters may not have enough fluoride, depending on the source of the water.

Your oral and overall health is depend on various factors. One of the factors is the amount of fluoride you consume.

Solution of The Best Water to Drink

So in the end, we must take the best water to drink that is naturally pure, clean, and full of naturally present minerals:

  •  Well water
  • Natural spring water
  • Artesian or spring waters
  • Mineral water

All of the types of the water have necessary nutrients and minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Minerals are essential for almost every function in your body.

One source of these nutrients can be mineral-rich water, but if you can’t get the waters, then home filters are an alternative that you can choose. If you need to remove fluoride from water, you can use reverse osmosis water filter system or distilled water machine.

But if you still looking for bottled water without fluoride, there many brands of bottled water sold on the market. Read the label and find the lowest fluoride contain.

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