10 Best BPA Free Water Bottles Brands

BPA free bottles water is the best choice ever water container. if we want to keep water or buy bottled water make sure that container is bpa free.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is chemical that  mostly found in plastic container. Bisphenol A chemical can contaminate water or food wrapped in plastic containing these substances.

You cannot forever drink the tap water directly. You cannot find it everywhere. You do need a case (call it bottle) to store it for sometimes. However, drinking from plastic bottles poses health risks.

The plastic often used to make water bottles contains a variety of health-harming chemicals that can easily leach out and contaminate the water.But, don’t you worry, because it won’t. If only you know what brands that take your health into the next levels.

bpa free bottles water brands

bpa free bottles water

Here are some that are best BPA free water bottles brands.

 Top 10 Water Bottles That Don’t Have Bpa

  1. Nalgene

No wonder this brand comes in the first place for many back country adventurers; it is durable and leak-proof. All of Nalgene products are made from Eastman Tritan plastic which is claimed to be BPA-free.

Also, Nalgene makes a wide range of BPA-free reusable water bottles and containers that suit your preferences, needs and lifestyle as you can customize by choosing a bottle, a cap, and the colors. Nalgene is best bottled water to drink.


  1. CamelBak

Those who are into sport should have known about this brand, CamelBak. CamelBak is a well-designed product equipped with the latest technology and innovative features.

Every single product is made from polyethylene, plastic that is manufactured without BPA. As what Nalgene does, the CamelBak is now also into customization. This is one of healthiest bottled water brand that you can find on the market.


  1. Polar Bottle

If you are looking for a lightweight bottle without ignoring its leak- and spill-proof, then this brand is all about. Polar Bottle claims that every bottle goes through several levels of quality control before it is shipped out.

The bottle is designed to last for years. The products are made from polyethylene, plastic that is manufactured without BPA.


  1. FuelBelt

At only $4, cheaper than the three brands being mentioned above, this brand can keep you hydrated and leaves you with a change to spare. This brand is also a BPA-free product.

It is made from polyethylene plastic which is manufactured without BPA. In addition, you can also add walking belts that can hold one or two of the bottles for your purchase.


  1. Reduce WaterWeek

This brand is not about selling one bottle only, but more to the idea five bottles stored in a holder. This brand won’t let you waste your time only for refill one empty bottle, but you can keep all the five bottles filled and chilled in the fridge, and you will always have one to grab.

This idea is perfect when you are at home. Reduce WaterWeek products are made from ABS plastic with a polypropylene cap. This brand is claimed to be top BPA-free water bottles brands.


  1. Fit & Fresh LivPure

This brand is actually more to the idea of supporting a family in living a healthy lifestyle; providing families with tools they need to eat healthier wherever they go such as such containers, ice packs, kid’s bags, etc.

However, it doesn’t mean that the brand focuses on foods only and ignore about the water. Thus, Fit & Fresh LivPure provides us a bottle that is made from polyethylene, BPA-free. Even better, the bottle made boasts a built-in water filter for removing chlorine from tap water.


  1. Intake by Thermos

Next brand you can rely on is Intake by Thermos. Made from the same type of plastic like Nalgene (Eastman Tritan), this brand is claimed no contain BPA.

The bottle design on most Intake by Thermos products are also unique. A plastic lid covers the sipping mechanism and pos open with the press of a button, making it easy to use with one hand.

You can also do purchase on the one with the stainless steel which is available in a variety of attractive prints and patterns. It is very eye-catchy.


  1. Contigo Hydration

Our next BPA free water bottles brands with the same Eastman Tritan plastic material comes to the Contigo Hydration. Products from this brand are claimed  without BPA and leak-proof.

In addition, Contigo Hydration also loads its products with nifty features such as built-in carabineers on the lids which make it easier to be hang up onto belt loops or backpacks and auto seal mechanism on the sipping which only can be opened when you press and hold a button.

This feature prevents water from escaping when you toss the bottle in your bag.


  1. Sigg

Sing is a brand that designs most of its product with aluminium and contain a plastic liner. The bottles are available in a huge array of pattern and colours.

Even though this brand doesn’t use BPA-free plastic like what you have read from the beginning of this article, but some test already performed and it has proven that water is kept in the bottle, no BPA migrates from the bottle or liner into the water.


  1. Bean Canteen

The material used to make bottles water for this brand is stainless steel; make it leak- and spill-proof. Only the lids are plastic. You don’t have to be worry about BPA contamination.

Some test already done and performed that this follows others brands of bottled water without bpa  regulation.

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