Can Babies Drink Distilled Water Safely? The Recommended Age

To find out safe, proper, and non-riskier answer to a question like, “Can babies drink distilled water?” you need to browse the information from available resources. You can also consult your pediatrician to ensure the right answer.

During the early age, babies are not recommended to drink water, either distilled or purified. The basic assumption is that because the baby’s stomach is too small to absorb external liquid except breast milk or formula milk. Under certain situation, filtrated spring water may be used when the baby experiences diarrhea.

Can babies drink distilled water

babies drink distilled water

In this line of thought, you should find out the real difference between distilled water and spring water. It is necessary to understand the differences of two types of water to ensure the safety and precautions before you deliver them to your babies.

Spring water may be provided to your baby, as it is rich in mineral content to assist cellular developments and regenerations. The distilled water is the purest form, which is safe when consumed by the babies after six months of age. “Can babies drink distilled water?” is an interesting question to respond.


Can your baby drink distilled water? Necessary Condition

You need to realize that babies are prone to any chemical substances, either drunk or eaten. Giving the babies drinking water is riskier because drinking water may contain fluoride and chlorine.According to ADA, it is not recommended to give the babies water under that reason.

So, can babies drink distilled water? Principally, distilled water is processed through distillation technique, which results in purest water. The water is on 7-pH level. In this neutral form, you are allowed to give the baby distilled water. What do you think? Indeed, you can use distilled water as combination for formula milk when you do not feed your baby with breast milk.

During first six-month period, a baby has developed a complete immune system, which protects it with reliable protection from external agents, such as bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Delivering distilled water to a six-month or older baby is okay as long as you measure the required quantity. So, the question, “is distilled water safe for babies?” can be inferred from previous statements.

Indeed, it is interesting to discuss the provocative statement on whether the new born babies are allowed to consume distilled water or not. Probably, further consultation to pediatrician is recommended when you cannot differentiate between distilled, purified, spring, and regular drinking water allowed to give to the babies.


Controversies about Babies and Distilled Water

Many have believed that giving distilled water to new born babies may inflict the metabolic system and disrupt the cellular development and regeneration. Though the statement has not been supported by empirical evidence, it worries many individuals.

In the early life of the babies, these creatures only require breast milk as the primary source of foods and drinks. Babies do not need additional liquids and external foods. Once again, can babies drink distilled water? You can positively answer it, “Yes!” only after the babies have reached six months period or after. When the babies are below six months, formula milk should be the proper combination of distilled water.

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