Choosing Bottled Water: Spring Water or Distilled Water?

People who are hesitant about consuming tap water or wanting to consume something with fresh taste usually go for spring water, especially the bottled one. While spring water comes out of the underground aquifer, the easiest way to consume this water is buying the bottled version instead of drinking it directly.

People love bottled water not only because it is convenient, but it also gives the sense of being ‘cleaner’ and ‘more hygienic.’ The United States alone consumes 2 billion gallons of bottled water every year, and many of the brands are spring water.

Choosing Bottled Water Spring Water or Distilled Water

Choosing Bottled Water Spring Water or Distilled Water

Differences between Bottled Distilled and Spring Water

Despite many brand promotions about the freshness and purity of spring water, not all bottled water brands get their water from natural spring water. Some get it from purifying process, and others are more specified with distillation process, creating bottled (or gallon) distilled water. Spring water and purified water both have mineral contents in acceptable amounts, while distilled water no longer has anything in it, including all the minerals.

In recap, the different sources of bottled water can be explained like this:

  • Spring water comes from the underground aquifer, still contains the natural minerals and often can be drunk directly. Many consider spring water as having fresher taste because of its natural minerals.
  • Purified water is like tap water, which is produced by water treatment facility, but processed with more detailed steps to create water that only has impurities as many as 10 parts per million. The treatment process must be done by following regulation standard from the national health and environmental institutions (EPA in the US).
  • Distilled water can be processed from the same source as purified water, but contains basically nothing, since it uses heat and coldness to produce water from steam, which is free from all impurities and even minerals. Many consider distilled water as having super bland taste because of its lack of mineral contents.

All these water types can be processed into bottled water products, and they come in many brands. All of them are popular, and the quality depends on the process.

Is Bottled Spring Water Better?

Natural spring water may have a better image in term of its freshness and taste, but in the end, everything is about the process. Purified water that is processed well has as good quality as bottled water from spring. Also, since water purifying is a readily available technology, it is easier to get in public places and establishments such as restaurants. Therefore, there is no significant difference between bottled purified water and natural spring water.

There is distilled water, which is viewed by many as a competition of natural spring water. However, distilled water has been completely devoid of minerals, which some say have contributed to the unique yet fresh taste of natural spring water. Also, distilled water does not give the same amount of important minerals like natural spring water, even in the bottled form. Plus, distilled water is way more expensive.

In the end, bottled water usually has a more favorable review than tap water, but whether it comes from natural spring, water treatment facility or distillation factory, well-processed water is the best option.

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