Common Myths in Drink Distilled Water

Many people depend on purified water for daily water consumption, but not all want to drink distilled water every single day, especially nowadays. This is because distilled water is considered as ‘too good to be true’ for a beverage, and it also does not have minerals that you need for your health. Despite being debated all over for its benefits and cons, distilled water is still a great option of drinking water for several situations.

Common Myths in Drink Distilled Water

Common Myths in Drink Distilled Water

However, drink distilled water does not escape myths, which is unfortunate because those myths can hinder demands of drinking distilled water, or at least prevent people to try something new and useful.

Drink Distilled Water Myths

There are several common myths related to distilled water; some of them related to the physical characteristics, others are by convenience in the making process, the flavor, and substances. Here are some myths that have been debunked, related to drink distilled water:

  • Distilled water is acidic. Many people think that drink distilled water will ruin their teeth and health because of too much acidity. The PH of distilled water reaches between 5 and 6, which is not as acidic as milk.
  • Distilled water has flat flavor. The absence of minerals and substances in the water contributes to strange flavor that is unlike your regular water. Regular tap or bottled water, for example, has some left calcium, fluoride and phosphor, which contribute to the common ‘drinking water’ flavor. However, distilled water does not have such flavor, but simple distillation probably does not involved carbon filter, which can expose rather bad flavor when tasted.
  • Drink distilled water can devoid us from minerals. While it is true that distilled water has removed all the substances and chemicals, it also does not give us enough minerals to live. However, most of our mineral needs do not come from her suitcase, but from fruits, vegetables and other foods.
  • Distilled water ruining teeth. Since distilled water is not more acidic than milk, the water will not ruin the teeth. However, distilled water is definitely away from you.

Distilled water is definitely a great beverage option, and is also available in bottles, gallons and other packages depend on the company policy about packaging.

Drinking Distilled Water: Does It Qualify for Best Water?

Purified or filtered water has its own benefits, and so does distilled water. However, some myths that come with distilled water production and consumption have prevented people from experimenting by making distilled water at home, or buying packaged distilled water (especially those that has its own brands and packages, such as bottled water). Packaged distilled water is the easiest version of 100% clean water that you can instantly consume, but to drink distilled water responsibly, the key is one: believe in moderation. Do not drink too much, and do not stop from trying.

Also, do not directly drink distilled water that you make at home with lots of homemade filters; make sure the process creates water that is devoid of colors, smells, and other danger elements.

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