Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride ?

The Health Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filter

Water is one of the basic needs of the human being. You need water to clean your body. You also need water to cook your foods as well. However, the main purpose of water is definitely to relieve your thirst. You need to drink water so that your body could work properly. On the other hand, drinking water has different characteristics than the water that you use for the shower or for cooking your food.

To make sure that the water you drink could give optimal health benefits, there are several important aspects that you should notice. The water that came from public water supplies might contain various substances and elements that might harm your health if it’s consumed without further process. That’s why you might need a system that could purify the water that you use as drinking water in order to remove any harmful substances from the water.

The question about reverse osmosis filter can remove fluoride has been raised for years since this system is one of the most common systems that is used to filter water that is used for household purposes. One of the substances that might be contained in public water supplies id fluoride. Fluoride is used to purify the public water supplies. However, this substance also might cause a condition that is known as fluorosis. Fluorosis is a childhood dental condition that is caused by high amount of fluoride that is contained in drinking water.

Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride

Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride

The Problems That Might Be Caused By Fluoride in Drinking Water

Since the water that came from public water supplies might contain fluoride, people start to concern this situation and choose to use the household water filter to reduce or even remove the fluoride from the drinking water. The mildest form of fluorosis might be shown as specks or white streaks on child’s teeth.

The severe form of this condition might appear as brown or black stains on the teeth that came along with cracking or pitting on the teeth as well. This condition usually appears on children between ages one to four. The level of tooth damage that appears on fluorosis may vary depending on the amount of fluoride that is consumed through water intake.

In order to avoid this condition, most people use water filter system at their house to filter water that came from public water supplies, especially the water that is used for drinking water. However, the debates of the ability of reverse osmosis system to remove fluoride still become one of the most important focuses on using water filter system.

The Facts about Water Filter System and Fluoride

To understand the relation between water filter system and fluoride removal from water, you might need to understand how reverse osmosis system works first. Reverse osmosis is a process that is created in order to remove any useless and harmful particles and substances from water that you will consume. This water filter system is considered as one of the most advanced water filter systems these days.

Basically, reverse osmosis works as the opposite of osmosis. This system reverses the direction of pure liquid flowing by using external pressure. There are many companies that provide this system for household use these days. The system also came in various choices of equipment’s as well. However, the part that must exist on this system is the membranes.

There are two types of membranes that are known to be used in household reverse osmosis water filter system these days, TFC and CTA. If you want to know about is reverse osmosis remove fluoride from the water, the answer is yes. This system could remove fluoride from water that is used for household purposes. However, the amount of fluoride that is removed will depend on the quality of membranes that are used in the system.

Fluoride that is contained in public water supplies might harm your health, especially if its level is quite high. However, you could reduce or even remove the fluoride by using water filter system, especially the one that uses reverse osmosis mechanism. By using household reverse osmosis system at your house, the water that you use for drinking will have healthier characteristics and contains less fluoride.

Reverse osmosis water is also known for various health benefits that might improve you and your family’s life quality. To get the best results, you should choose reverse osmosis system that came with the most effective mechanism and has great quality.

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