Drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking Alkaline Water and Taking Benefits

Drinking alkaline water has been claimed to be something healthier and beneficial. It leads many people to start doubting the usage of tap water. The truth to be told, tap water might be not good for the body. It is because of the process that needs to be through. The water might become contaminated or might be too acidic. Alkaline water is the best for the health of the body. Alkaline water will bring great benefits that will be felt by the body. The body health will be improved from time to time from the constant consumption of alkaline water.

drinking alkaline water

drinking alkaline water

The State of Alkaline Water

Now, the question is what makes water can be considered as alkaline water? Alkaline water is a term refers to the particular pH of water. The pH of alkaline water is more than 7. Therefore, when the water has 7.5 of pH or even higher, that means it is alkaline water. Alongside this knowledge, comes another question. What is pH? The “p” refers to potential and “H” refers to hydrogen. Combining the both words, pH means potential for hydrogen. It will determine the quantity of hydrogen ions in water.

The parameter of pH is not only applied to water because it can also be applied to pH of hair, milk, skin and others. The alkaline pH refers to the condition where there are a few or even no hydrogen ions found in water. Alkaline water that is often being consumed by many people varied in the levels of pH. Some people are drinking alkaline water with pH of 10 while some other people may even drink the lower levels of pH. When considering the suitable levels for alkaline water, pH 8.5 is said to be the suitable level for alkaline water.

Taking Benefits from Alkaline Water

Many people who have taken the habit of drinking alkaline water every day will start to feel benefits. There are five main benefits that can be acquired from the consumption of alkaline water. Those benefits are as the followings:

1. Detoxification
Alkaline water will naturally detoxify the body. It will help to remove the normal acidic waste of the body every day and removing toxins that have been accumulated inside of the body. The waste of acid and toxins inside of the body will ruin health. Therefore, detoxification will help promoting health.

2. Hydration
Obviously, water is needed to keep the body hydrated. The very well hydrated body is known to be the basic in maintaining or regaining the real good and healthy body condition.

3. Oxygenation/Antioxidants
One of the reasons to choose alkaline water is the antioxidants that will help blocking free-radicals. Aside of that, it helps to oxygenate the body. The cells or cancer of other diseases won’t be able to survive the alkaline or oxygenate environment.

4. Alkalizing Body’s pH
Balancing the pH of the body is an important thing and alkaline water will help. Humans’ bodies tend to be more acidic because of acidic diet, exposure to toxic environment and also stress. Alkaline water will help to balance the pH into the healthier state.

5. Enhancing Immune System
With all of benefits above, immune system will be very well enhanced and capable of fighting off various diseases as well as healing the damages in the body.

Healthier Water for Healthier Life

Drinking alkaline water is one recommended thing. The proofs on how alkaline water will be good for the body are very clear. In order to ensure the alkaline state of water, always provide pH test pack at home. The kit will help to show whether the water is alkaline enough or not.

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