Drinking Distilled Water While Pregnant

It is quite tricky to discuss whether pregnant women are allowed to consume distilled water or not. Many experts believe that distilled water may lessen the sufficient amount of minerals in a pregnant woman’s body. So, in this case, drinking distilled water while pregnant is not recommended. Why ?

Some experts believe that purified water is better to support the pregnant women and the fetuses since it supplies sufficient amount of essential minerals needed by the body. In the same line, tap water, which is consumed in line with chlorine and fluoride, may support the development of dental and bones.

In essence, it depends on individuals whether to consume distilled water or not. In case of bodybuilders, drinking distilled water for bodybuilding is recommended. Indeed, the basic essence of distilled water may require further clarification.

Distilled water is processed through distillation process where water is boiled, condensed, and vaporized to produce pure water. In this case, there are no other substances but oxygen and hydrogen. Despite tasteless characteristic, individuals who desire to have rigorous and healthy body and fitness are suggested to drink distilled water.

Drinking distilled water while pregnant

Distilled Water And Pregnancy

Pregnant women require essential minerals and vitamins, both for themselves and for the babies. Under this situation, drinking tap water or mineral water is essential for individual mothers because it contains higher essential minerals. However, mothers should have control over what they eat and drink, of course. Otherwise, drinking distilled water while pregnant is not urgently required.

Pregnant women should consume sufficient amount of essential minerals and vitamins. They can take these elements from vegetables and fruits. Water is one of the necessary elements to fulfill because seventy percent of human body is water.

Although distilled water safe to drink, as a matter of fact, drinking distilled water while pregnant is not recommended when pregnant mothers are lack of essential minerals in the body after medical check in the clinic setting. This situation leads the pregnant women to reduce distilled water consumption until they can reach sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

Though drinking distilled water  does not affect the vitamins digested by the pregnant women, essential minerals may be reduced in numbers in the presence of carbon. How can you control the numbers of essential minerals and vitamins in your body?

Allowable Mineral Contents in Pregnant Women

Drinking distilled water during pregnancy should receive a recommendation from a doctor or nutritionist. For some reason they may allow if the content of lead, mercury, fluoride, arsenic, and nitrates in your body reach their maximum level.

There are good indicators to show you the right time to consume distilled water as these minerals reach the maximum level. Inflammation on feet and legs, constipation, breathing difficulties, and sleeping disorders are among major symptoms on higher concentrated minerals in your blood. Under this situation, consuming distilled water can be done to remove the material excesses.

You should realize that it is riskier to have lower mineral contents required during your pregnancy. As such, drinking distilled water while pregnant is allowable when you find that the mineral contents reach their peak level. Otherwise, you should drink regular tap water, spring water, or even purified water.

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