Good and Bad About Seltzer Water; A Must Read!

Seltzer water — also known as carbonated water or soda water — is simply plain water that’s been infused with carbon dioxide. In fact, It’s more to the idea of soda, due to the carbonation, that you might wonder if there are any side effects. When it comes to your health, the seltzer water provides plenty of benefits with few consequences. And here I am writing you the good and bad about seltzer water.

Let’s here from the good side first, as always.

  1. Satiation; better than regular water

If you’re looking for a type of liquid that will make you feel more satiated in only a few gulps less than regular water should be, the choice comes to the seltzer water; an effect cause by the gas bubbles expanding in the stomach. So, for those who require more hydration than most may be better off with plain H20 or regular water.

Anyway, it also helps your diet. Seltzer water drinkers eat less fat; that makes sense because bubbles can make you feel full.


  1. An Indigestion and constipation healer

For those who don’t fall into any of stomach’s problem, you will be happy to heat that carbonated water won’t cause an upset stomach. In fact, a 2002 study published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Herpetology found that it actually reduced indigestion and constipation.

good and bad about seltzer water

about seltzer water.


  1. It’s zero sodium & High Sodium

Reader’s caution; always check the label!

If you’re a person with hypertension, you don’t have to be worry about it affecting your blood pressure. Most seltzer water contains zero sodium. However, you have to be very sure about it by checking the label behind. Because some brands contain it, even it’s in a significantly low amount.

While it is also high sodium. It is of course for those without hypertension in their life. In a 2004 article published in the Journal of Nutrition, it was claimed that the seltzer water with high sodium is able to reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular problems in postmenopausal women.


  1. Stain removal

No more alcohol or magic detergent to remove stains in your clothes, because seltzer is found to be very useful also as a home remedy.


  1. Lower risk of heart disease

A recent study was conducted and found that females who drank carbonated water for two months or more, had decreased levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and increased levels of HDL or good cholesterol. It was claimed that alkaline pH or carbonated water absorbed and excretion the cholesterol exist in the body.


  1. Better mixture for cocktails

Did you know that the cocktails you are drinking tastes better because of seltzer water? Most of bars and restaurant serve cocktails using seltzer water for better taste and to add fizziness or bubbles to fruit juices.


Well, let’s hear the bad.

  1. It doesn’t hydrate like water does

It doesn’t mean that the seltzer water doesn’t hydrate at all. It does hydrate and absorbed by the body, but it is nothing compared to the regular water. Because the seltzer water is actually a plain water but due to the artificially carbonated process, its ability to hydrate is somewhat of a lost.


  1. It reduces bone density

This point remains grey.

To be very scientifically speaking, the reduction of someone’s bone density is nothing to do with seltzer water or soda’s ingredients. But it is simply a result of not consuming enough calcium-containing foods and beverages such as milk. It was her; Dr. Melina Jampolis, a physician nutrition specialist who explained the misconception on CNN Health, a 2006 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that carbonated water or seltzer water were associated with SLIGHTLY decreased bone density in older women.


  1. It irritates the stomach

I guess those who have ever consumed it is already known that those bubbles included in the seltzer water or carbonated beverage can cause a little belching – maybe even some bloating. So, for you whose medical record is about acid reflux, gastric ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome should call it quit.


  1. It doesn’t flush toxins out of the body effectively

I can’t say much on this. There’s currently no research to support this claim, but let me tell you something, there is no better toxins flushes for our body as pure water does. Right?


  1. Weakening your enamel

Well, even the level or erosion of your teeth enamel is very low, but still, there is an open possibility that it erodes teeth enamel. Some research proved that carbonated beverages to be just erosive on teeth as pure orange juice. It is caused by carbonic acid which are produced during the process of dissolving carbon dioxide in the water.

So, we know some good and bad about seltzer water that means has side effects in use. It is you to be smart whether or not you need it. Keep in mind that if only someone claims there is no better fluid than regular water, you might tell her/him about the seltzer water.

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