How to Choose the Best Bottled Water for Drink

Do you know, how to choose the best bottled water that is healthy and safe for consumption? When you think that bottled water is a healthiest and better option compared to the tap water, that’s not entirely true.

However, drinking bottled water has increased popularity due to its practicality and convenience, so people tend to choose this package instead of tap water. With the need of at least 8-glass of water consumption per day,drink bottled water is the safe solution .

While the companies always claim that their sold best bottled water brands because it contains vitamins and minerals, studies find that 40 percent of bottled water is actually bottled tap water. Surprised?.

Bottled water is more preferable because some of them receive additional filtration that removes harmful components from the water itself, but if bottled water is just actually tap water in a bottle, then what’s the difference?.

In this article, you will learn on how to choose the best bottled water wisely for the sake of your own health. Don’t be tricked by label or brand, as you need to do the research on your own.

How to Choose the Best Bottled Water for Life

How to Choose the Best Bottled Water for Life

Quality Counts

You need to be aware that not every bottled water brand gives the same quality or trust-able. If you happen to consume more bottled water on your regular basis, then it is essential to do some research that will significantly help you getting the healthiest bottled water in terms of quality.

You can either look for the brands of distilled bottled water, alkaline bottled water, their background, and the ingredients of the water, mineral content, and many more. If you are avoiding tap water because you don’t want to deal with certain contaminants, find the product that pay attention to your issues.

The Bottle Itself Counts

Look at the container; whether the brand uses glass or PET plastic. You don’t want to risk your health by consuming water bottled in low grade plastic material that will give you some sort of ‘plastic’ taste.

The best bottled water brands uses higher grade container materials, and keep in mind to store it for short period, because the water may get contaminated overtime.

No Harmful Substances

What can a bottle of water may contain? If you underestimate the list of ingredients, you may be contaminated with harmful things in the water. Dangerous chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and radon are among the harmful substances that may exist in a bottled water. The cleanest bottled water should not contain any of those materials.

Give It a Taste

When it comes to the taste, it’s totally the matter or preference. Best bottled water may taste different from one to another, depending on the source of the water itself, ranging from spring water, purified water, distilled water, alkaline water or sparkling water. However, besides the source of water, the method used in bottling the water and the type of container also affect.

Advantageous Properties

Among the reasons of why people tend to choose best bottled water to drink is because it contains several health properties such as vitamins and minerals. Even some people believe that certain water can bring them great health benefits because it works particularly well when cooperated with healthy diets.

In addition to the tips above, the most important thing to keep in mind is not to store bottled water for a long period. Even the best bottled water can potentially promote microbial growth when stored for longer period.

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