How to Distill Water using Coffee Pot at Home

Many people who like the idea of drinking pure water look for ways of how to distill water at home, using simple tools and equipment one can find in the kitchen. Basically, making distill water means getting water in its purest form, without any chemicals, minerals, microorganism or substances in the liquid. The easiest way to distill water at home usually uses stainless pot and cover as well as bowl that can stand the heat of boiling water. However, the more industrious people can try using coffee pot and fire bricks.

How to Distill Water using Coffee Pot at Home

How to Distill Water using Coffee Pot at Home

By spending at least 30-40 minutes, you can get distilled water in the pot that can be collected in separate container.

How to Distill Water with Coffee Pot

Making distilled water with coffee pot is basically similar with making the same water with simpler tools, but using coffee pot is more convenient because you get good water container. Here are steps of how to distill water:

  • Prepare all the tools: coffee pot, fire bricks, large stainless cooking pot that has round cover, ice cubes, and tap water.
  • Pout water into the pot until it is full. Place the fire bricks on the bottom of the pot to place the coffee pot, so it will not touch the pot. Open the coffee pot.
  • Turn the pot lid over until the concave side faces up, and put it on top of the coffee pot. Turn on the stove and let the water boil, before turning down the stove into small yet steady heat.
  • To distill water, you need about three trays of ice cubes; pour all onto the turned over lid when the water is boiling. This is how to distill water; you use both heat and cold ice to condense and re-condense the steam. As soon as the ice touches the lid, there will be steam coming out.
  • Steam trapped on the bottom of the lid will be condensed and water droplets fall into the coffee pot. Depends on the size of the pot and the water volume, you will need about 30 to 40 minutes to get all the distilled water you can get.

Understanding how to distill the water can help you getting clean and pure water to drink, fresh water to make clear ice cubes, or even getting clean water when camping.

Cautions in How to Distill the Water

At this point, many people already know and want to try how to distill the water with coffee pot, but since this process involves extreme heat, there are some cautions to follow. For example, letting the water dried up unattended is very dangerous, and you must pay attention to the whole process, turning off the stove when the water starts to dry up or adding extra water and ice cubes if you need more.

Please note that the flavor of the distilled water will be unrecognizable and strangely plain compared to the usual filtered, purified or bottled water you usually drink. Learn how to distill water with coffee pot and get pure, clean water anywhere.

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