How to Make Alkaline Water

Step by Step to Make Alkaline Water at Home

Alkaline water becomes more and more popular because its benefits. It is known that alkaline water have a lot of benefits especially for your health. For that reason, more and more people are finding this type of water because they want to drink it regularly. How about if it is difficult for you to find alkaline water? Actually, it doesn’t mean that you can’t drink alkaline water. Do you believe that you can make your own alkaline water? What you have to do next is learning about how to make alkaline water at home.

alkaline water systems

alkaline water

Preparation before Making Alkaline Water

The first thing to do before making alkaline water is that you have to know the pH level of the water you want to drink. For your information, the normal pH level is 7 and the pH of alkaline water is more than 7. The ideal pH level for alkaline water is 8 or 9. The second thing to do is preparing the pH kit. This kit is used to know the pH level of your water. If you don’t have this kit, you can just buy it at local pharmacies around your living area.

The most important thing you should know that pH kit consists of pH strips and pH color chart. By the time you have the pH strip you can directly dip the strip to the normal water. Just wait for a few minutes until the strip shows it latest colors. Then, you can take the strip and try to find the color which close to the color on the pH color chart. If it is normal, it means the pH level of your water will be 7 and it means it is not alkaline water.

3 Ingredients to Make Alkaline Water at Home

After knowing the pH level of your water, this is the time for you to make alkaline water. Actually, this is the fun part because you have to combine several ingredients to the water to make it becomes alkaline water.

  1. First, you can use baking soda. The reason to use baking soda as the main ingredient is because this ingredient consists of high level of alkaline. By the time you mix it with water, baking soda will increase the pH level of the water to become alkaline water. What you need to do is adding 1/8 tablespoon into 0.237 liter of fresh water. Then, you can shake it if you put the water in a bottle or you can stir it if you put the water in a glass.
  2. Second, if it is difficult for you to find baking soda, you can use different type of ingredient. You can use lemon. Lemon is full of anionic properties and when you mix it with water, the fresh water will be alkaline water. Just cut a lemon into eight pieces and you don’t have to squeeze it. You just need to put the pieces of lemon into the water. Let the lemon there around 8 up to 12 hours at room temperature. It is also okay for you to add a little bit salt because it makes your alkaline water increase its mineral level.
  3. Third, you can also buy specific product to make alkaline water. The name of the product is pH drops. You can just find this product online or around the local pharmacy stores. This product contains of alkaline mineral. You just need to follow the instruction carefully to decide how many drops you have to use to make perfect alkaline water.

Filtering the Alkaline Water

The last thing to do is deciding the filter system you need to use. At least, there are 4 different filtration systems you can use to make alkaline water at home. For example, you can just directly buy a water ionizer. The reason to use this product is because it is users friendly so it is very easy to use. You water will be electrically improved and you can just use it to separate the water. Don’t through the acidic water because it can be used to kill bacteria.

Even, you can just use it around your body to keep your body free from bacteria. Moreover, you can also buy an ionizing water filter. The reason to buy this filter is because the price is cheaper than the first filter system. Now, you know how to make alkaline water at home and you can practice it right away at home.

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