How to Purify Water Easily at Home

Depend on what activities we do and where we live, we probably live in areas or among situations when potable water is not available. If we know How to purify water at home can help us to get potable water that will not make sick, and simple ways are usually easier to apply in other situations and places. You can use these steps to clean water when you are not sure about the quality of tap water for drink.

How to Purify Water Easily at Home

How to Purify Water Easily at Home

Easy Steps to Purify Water

Whether you just recover from sickness (or just get sick), being in the wilderness or survival situation or simply live in countries where the water from tap has questionable quality, water purifying process helps you to get potable and healthy water. Here are some easy ways of how to purify water at home:

  • Boiling. This is a super simple way of purifying water, with simple stove and pan. People in the US or many parts of Europe probably do not have obligations in boiling tap water every day, this is something many villagers around the world. Keep the water pot in pot until it reaches 5 to 10 minutes of time after boiling, and add 1 minute for every 300 meters of sea level, depend on where you live. This process works on many bacteria, but not really for minerals. Let the water sits for a while even after cooling off, so the residue will come down.
  • ┬áIodine tablets. This is also simple way to purify the water, especially during outdoor activities or during survival situation. 1 tablet works for ┬╝ liter of water, ideally in 21 Celsius degree of temperature. After straining the water with cloth several times, plunge the tablet into the water and drink it after 30 minutes. If you are put off with the aroma and taste, you can add something like a pinch of sea salt or powdered fruit juice. Pay attention to the expiration date.
  • Purifier. The convenient and cheap way to purify water at home, there are 3 types of water purifier: pump purifier (good for outdoor activity lovers), built in water pump in the water bottles, ultraviolet purifier, home purifier, and gravity purifier (many home purifier actually uses purifier that uses gravity in more sophisticated equipment).

Many people who are active in outdoor activities or have survival skills usually know several ways of getting purified water besides iodine tablets, such as making solar still with glass, bowl and plastic sheet (but it can be a long way that takes days even weeks).

How to Purify Water with Commercial Purifier Tool

Nowadays, many people can purify water at home using commercial purifier sold in many stores. However, the result depends on the brand of purifier; some have sophisticated technology that helps the owners getting the best result in their tap water, and others have simple technology that is perhaps cheaper yet still do not remove some really.

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