5 Ways of How to Purify Water Easily At Home

Do you know how to purify water at your home with easy ways that always  people do to get clean and ready to drink water. Yes, i hope we are know how to do it.

We can use conventional and unconventional tool to purified the water. This ways can purify tap water, well water, salt water or others hard water that you find. So, why we need water clean water? let’s find out.

Water is a very important substance instead of food for everyday life needs. It’s unfortunate that the condition of the environment nowadays cannot supply enough clean and fresh mineral water for drinking.

This condition is caused by many factors. First, the water in the ocean or river is contaminated with the chemical waste from the industries. The water source is, of course, poisonous and not good to drink.

how to purify water

purified water

Based on the research report conducted by the Economist in 2008, there were more than 1000 children in India died each year because of diarrhea sickness.

Second, water is polluted by natural activities such as Tsunami, volcanic eruption, and mud eruption. A real example of mud eruption occurred in East Java in 2006.

The environmental condition has changed a lot, including the water spring around this area. It is now hard to find clean and fresh water to drink. The conditions above can actually be solved by the water purification process.

Here are 5 ways of how to purify water easily to get fresh and clean water to consume:

1. Using traditional filter

The traditional filter is often associated with natural conditions. When the condition of surrounding is not good enough, but you need to drink a lot of water, there is no ways to provide enough clean mineral water but using a traditional filter.

The function of this filter is to separate dangerous microorganism, sands, and other substance from water. The filter can do its job to produce clean and fresh water consumption. A traditional filter can be made easily and less expensive.

The materials to make the traditional filter are gravel, non-poisonous grass mesh, sand, and cloth material. The steps to make traditional water filter are:

  1.  prepare a large plastic container and make 10 small holes in the bottom,
  2.  cut off the end of the plastic container evenly,
  3.  add the first layer (a couple inches of gravel) to prevent sand mixing with the water,
  4. layer up with non-poisonous grass mesh and cloth materials to strengthen the water filtration process,
  5.  fill container with sand, f) pour collected water into the traditional water filter and finally get clean water.


2. Boiling The Water

The next stage of how to purify water is by boiling the water. The purpose of boiling the water is to make sure that the water you’re collected from the traditional filter is safe to drink.

The germs and bacteria will be dead whenever they are put over 80 degrees heat. The process of boiling water is very simple. Just prepare the pot and stove. To begin with

  1. pour the water into the pot,
  2. place the pot on a stove,
  3.  set the stove high,
  4.  wait until the water is boiled,
  5.  let the water cool down before drinking it.

The purpose to let the water sit for a couple minutes is to avoid any dense water mix with the pure water. However, you don’t need to do this last step if the water comes from the tap and there are no solid items or metal substance inside the water.

3. Using Electronic Purification

The easiest way of how to purify water is using electronic purification. This tool can filter the water automatically up to 32 ounces within 90 minutes.

It’s so magnificent, right? Either you collect water from the river or elsewhere, the device is lighter to carry on.

Besides, the device is also able to destroy bacteria and viruses in the water, so it is safe to drink.

4. Applying Sewage Treatment Process

There are four stages to apply sewage treatment to purify water.

First, a screening process is done earlier to remove large objects from the water, such as plastic bags, bottles, diapers, etc.

Secondly, primary treatment will be employed by using large settlement tanks to separate solid organic matter from the wastewater.

Thirdly, the secondary treatment stage is the process to break down the bacteria which still remain in the wastewater and pump some air into it.

Finally, the wastewater passes through a settlement tank. In this last stage, the water is free from any harmless substances, then ready to boil for a drink.

5. Using Charcoal

The last alternative on how to purify water is using charcoal. Charcoal doesn’t only function to make a fire during the winter, but it can be used to purify water.

Using charcoal for purifying water is simple. A sediment pre-filter tool is used to separate the charcoal powder from the water right after the purification process is done.

The method like using distilled water, reverse osmosis and alkaline water machine maybe cost you but its good for drinking water.

Choose the best way to purify water.  Get some clean and fresh water to drink and other purposes like brushing your teeth, cook and some others. The most traditional way on how to purify water is not always bad to have a try on.

You can either make the traditional water filter, boil the water, use electronic purification, apply sewage treatment or buy charcoal powder with the sediment pre-filter tool. Let’s be healthy and drink purified water!

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