Is Bottled Water Distilled? Confusing Term to Cut Off

How can you differentiate bottled and distilled water? You may ask again, “Is bottled water distilled?” There is a definite distinction between bottled and distilled water.

Bottled water may not emerge in the market as the product of distillation process, yet distilled water may be packaged in a bottle with the process of purification.

There are various products in the market, which make individuals perplexed on the terms, and the products themselves. The bottle label may contain vapor distilled water, which may be used for energy drink. In the same line, the label also indicates that a product is filtered through reverse osmosis.

is bottled water distilled

bottled water distilled


Bottled Water Distilled or just purified?

Indeed, it becomes quite clear that distilled water may be originated from tap water, spring, and other liquid resources. So, the question about type of  bottled water may be answered with, at least, two definitions and distinctions.

In the fast growing  of distilled water in the market, manufacturers try to promote the products with various strategies; including mixing the term of distilled and just bottled water.

In essence, it is not a problem at all when the packed product contains a clear definition on the label: either just purified or distilled. In this situation, growing markets with fast developing brands have inflicted serious concerns, especially when it comes to labeling and pricing.

When you are not certain whether  distilled water packed in bottled?” or not, you can search distilled bottled water brands on the available resources to ensure your understanding. At minimum, you should know there are three processes usually used in producing the bottled water:

  • Reverse osmosis: In this process, water is heated under certain temperature to produce purified water;
  • Distillation: The process takes similar step just like in the RO, yet the use of cooler to produce faster vapor generates purest water.

Indeed, technical issues may not be quite interesting to you. Possibly, the most important thing for customers in general is the availability of products needed. It means, when manufacturer launches bottled water, and then it should be filtered water, purified water, or distilled water.

To give a clear-cut differentiation, the manufacturer may launch the product as bottled-filtered water, bottled-purified water, and bottled-distilled water. In this case, the question about bottled water can be answered in positive manner.


Positive Effects of Drinking Distilled Bottled Water

Do you think the same that purified water and distilled water have significant differences? When you are exposed to question like what is bottled water distilled?” you may not hesitantly answer the question.

As a matter of fact, the effects of drinking purified water and distilled water can be different. Though it is true that consuming distilled water may refurbish your stamina and immune system, drinking distilled water in higher amounts may be riskier in the future.

You should realize that distilled water might repair your attention disorder, asthmatic symptoms, and many kinds of problems induced by the imbalances of damaging elements in your body.

Whether bottled water is distilled  or not, you can reply that distilled water delivers several positive effects on the customers, such as better respiratory system, gentle joints, and refurbishing immune system, among others. These benefits can be significantly differentiated from those of purified water.

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