Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink? A Glimpse of Controversy

Individuals around the globe may think more critically on whether it is good to drink distilled water or not. The principal behind the concept is that the purer the water is, the healthier it is. A question like, “Is distilled water safe to drink?” should be answered based on empirical evidences and probably a test at laboratory setting. Yet, for commoners it is almost impossible to conduct research to collect the data relating the safety and purity of the water drunk. A test at laboratory setting may cost you a lot, of course, to find out evidences from the water samples.

 Is drinking distilled water safe for you?

 The question should be related to how to make distilled water and how to consume it. To answer the question reliably, you need an expert to prove that the distiller device produces safe and pure water. In certain condition, distilled water is not required because some essential elements of water may be lost as the result of distillation. For instance, magnesium, calcium, iron, and other essential minerals contained in water are lost during the process. As such, drinking is a matter of drinking pure water without any significant effect to your health.

Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink

Distilled water safe to drink

It can be different when you decide to distill the drinking water flowing into your plumbing system. The action of distilling the water is to remove bacteria and other foreign agents, which influence the purity of the water. So, is distilled water safe to drink? Then, you can answer it with confidence that distilled water is totally safe for your health. Yet, in other conditions,  distilled water may not be recommended for for long time consuming.


The Risks of Drinking Distilled Water

On the other hand, drinking distilled water is not totally risk free. There are several reasons you need to know why the purified water may harm your health:

  • Water taken from contaminated sources, such as industrial waste;
  • Water which is originating from resources full of contaminated elements;
  • Unsterilized equipment and distiller;
  • Leaking on the hose and relevant ducts of water stream

What do you think? Under this situation, is distilled water safe to drink? Experts believe that producing distilled water should be conducted by professionals, who have proper background knowledge on water distillation, including technical expertise to maintain the hygiene of the devices. In addition, purified water may loss its capacity to provide rich sources of essential minerals compared to spring water due to improper treatment. Drinking a glass of purified water may not give significant effect on betterment of your cells.

As such, it is important to understand, at the very first hand, the safety measures on drinking distilled water. As long as the water is distilled under sterilized condition, including the device and base material, then it is safe to drink it. Yet, again, the question on “what is distilled water safe to drink?” should be properly discerned, especially on the source of the water used, devices, and the processes. But in general, it is safe to drink distilled water.


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