What is Kangen Water Benefits, Side effect and Controversy ?

Kangen water is water that has been processed through a process known as ionization. This process requires LeveLuk machine capable of turning ordinary water into alkaline water, hexagonal (micro cluster) and antioxidants.

Machines for producing Kangen water is crafted by Enagic USA Inc.The water used for the process are mineral water, or water with a normal pH. This machine cannot use water that is acidic (below pH 7). Actually kangen comes from the Japanese word “Khanggeng” which means going back to the beginning.

It was said that alkaline water that produced by Kangen water machine is able to heal cancer. Earlier researches by Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, who have received the Nobel Prize of Health in 1931 for his research entitled “The Root Cause of Cancer‚ÄĚ, declared the cells attacked by cancer caused two basic conditions, namely acidosis or excess acid and hypoxia or oxygen deficiency. He also said that the disease can not develop inside the Alkaline.

In the 1980s, Japan’s Ministry of Health announced the findings that the water with ion or alkaline water is so great benefits to health. It makes alkaline water becoming popular so-called magic water in new age.

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Kangen Water Content and Benefits

There are 3 element contained in Kangen water that benefit to our health;

  1. Kangen water is alkaline water with pH level around 8.5-9.5. While the neutral water ph level is 7. If the water in the human body with a pH level below 7 means acidic, this is which makes us easy to get sick. Drinking kangen water can help change the body fluids are too acidic to alkaline. Alkaline water can normalize blood flow, slows the aging process of body cells, preventing osteoporosis and tooth.
  1. Kangen water is Micro cluster which means the molecular size is 5-6 microns. This is smaller than the pores of our body cells measuring 10 microns. While the size of regular water molecule is 10-15 microns. Micro Clustered main function is to hydrate the body better. With Micro Clustered, Kangen Water can carry more oxygen, so it can be absorbed by the body more optimal and hydration to the cells of the body. This increases the feasibility of water to drink and quickly relieve bloating.
  1. Kangen Water contains antioxidants so if taken daily can neutralize free radicals in the body. This water contains powerful antioxidants 6-8 times more powerful than green tea is efficacious slow the aging process.


Side effect of Drinking Kangen water

When first time we drink alkaline water, there are some reactions that occur depend on the physical condition of each individual. The reaction can be; chills, headache, dark feces, foamy urine and others. It is the result of detoxification (The cleansing process of toxins) that exists within the body.

There are no reports for casualties of drinking Kangen water for long time.


Controversy about Kangen Water

There are many opinions of experts who say that all the promotional effectiveness of water with a pH above 8 like distilled water, alkaline water and reverse osmosis water that can balance the acid-base conditions throughout the body, just a figment. “It was a pseudo science, scientific pretense,” according to them. “They do not cheat, but never give the correct aspect.” kangen water efficacy has not been proven scientifically based research.

The claims of detoxification by kangen water is still in doubt because it is actually detoxification can be done by drinking plain water. “Just consumption enough plain water to make the body’s metabolism working properly,” Many health complaints are actually caused by a trivial thing: lack of drinking clean water, to fix this, simply by drinking clean water as needed.

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