How to Make Distilled Water

Make distilled water is easy, just a few kitchen appliances at home we can make it. But for commercial use,we need more sophisticated equipment.

Distilled water produced through simple boiling, condensing, and streaming the water into the container. The simple processes at home have already made you able to drink pure water anytime.

Therefore, when you have a pressure cooker, for instance, you can distill the water after which the spill-out vapor may be directed with a plastic pipe to the container.

You should know that distillation is more than simply boiling water under certain temperature, mostly 100oC. Complicated procedures are required to produce pure water, such as chemical cavity, vapor void, and the sterilized container. In a simple form of distiller machine, you do not need to provide additional cavities to throw away the chemical compounds.

Is it necessary to consume purified water to increase health, especially heart? What is distilled water use for and the benefits for your health? Many believe that consuming pure water is about to increase the health status. Fewer chemical compounds in water stimulate proper circulation in the metabolism system. So, do you know how to make distilled water?

how to make distilled water

simple make distilled water



Make Distilled Water at Home

 how tomake distilled water at home

make distilled water at home

 In essence, there is no guarantee that one hundred percent water’s purity is generated from other devices than water distiller. Yet, to give you a chance for having a better life, you need to know how to make distilled water at home. There are several things you need to prepare. They include:

  • A pressure cooker;
  • A foot long pipe;
  • Insulation tape;
  • Ice cubes;
  • A container

The use of a pressure cooker is ideal because the vapor can be generated sufficiently through definite seal of the device. Boiled water may generate vapor, which later on comes out from the ventilation.

Considering in make distilled water, pressure cooker gives significant boiling process under a sealed container. Just to remind you, putting block of ice cubes is necessary to help the condensation process go faster.

As the vapor comes out from the ventilation, a foot-long pipe bridges the vapor into the container. You need to ensure zero leakage from the ventilation by using insulation tape. You can insulate the pipe and ventilation, and surely the container where you direct the vapor into.

On a gallon of water, you can produce around two liters of distill water. Isn’t it easy to make distilled water? In addition, you need to ensure that the pipe or a hose is long enough to allow cooling water streams into the container.

Probably, you can experiment at first with different hose length. Yet, producing purified water through this method costs you a lot on the use of electricity. Probably, the available water distiller delivers economical solution.


Make Distilled Water with a Commercial Distiller

How to Make Distilled Water with a Commercial Distiller

Commercial Distiller

 As a good solution  to make distilled water, you may apply available water distiller in the market with various models. The use of water distiller to produce qualified water purity is guaranteed because the sterility of the container and equipment security.

At last, water distiller is recommended for easier process on make drinking distilled water. This device provides ventilation, which serves as the access for undesired chemical compounds to come out.

Faster condensation is assisted by the attached cooling fan above the lid. Therefore, it is your choice to determine which one you can use to produce your own distilled water.

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