Making Distilled Water with Stainless Pot at Home

Have you ever thought of making your own distilled water? Many people think that making distilled water involves lots of difficult steps and high-end tools, but distilled water can be made at home with simple kitchen appliances like stainless pot and cover, glass bowl and things from the fridge like ice cubes. While there are still some arguments about the benefits of distilled water, people who prefer this water like it because the distillation process removes minerals from the water.

Distilled Water with Stainless Pot at Home

Distilled Water with Stainless Pot at Home

Why making distilled water? If you live away from supermarket that sells distilled water, or want to experiment in simple projects, you can make distilled water using the simplest tools at home.

Steps of Making Distilled Water with Stainless Pot

Before you make the distilled water, make sure to have stainless pot with about 3 to 5 gallon capacity, stainless pot cover, round glass bowl (to collect the water; make sure it can stand heat), round baking tray if the bowl cannot float, and ice cubes. Start by following these steps:

  • Start by filling the pot with tap water until full; the water must create distance between the bowl you put on the surface and the bottom of the pot.
  • Put the glass bowl on the surface and make sure it floats. If the bowl cannot float, use the baking rack: place it at the bottom of the pot to hold the bowl.
  • Put the cover on top of the pot by inverting it so the concave side is facing up, and the convex side is in the bowl. Fill the top of the cover with ice cubes.
  • Turn on the stove and let the water being heated until it reaches boiling point; in making distilled water, you create condensation effect this time with the heated water below and ice above the bowl. Water will slowly drip from the tip of the cover’s convex point into the bowl.
  • Wait until there is no longer water dripping from the cover or when the water in the pot is almost dried up from boiling (or until the bowl almost touches the bottom, if you do not use baking rack). Remove the pot cover slowly.
  • You can see the result of this making distilled water process in the bowl. Lift the bowl carefully since it is hot.
  • Place the remaining distilled water in the bottle or container.

You can repeat this making distilled water steps if necessary.

Safety Measures in Making Distilled Water

When you are making distilled water this way, you put a glass bowl in a pot with boiling water that boils, so make sure you use really strong glass bowl that can handle this kind of heat. Also, make sure you watch if the bowl almost touches the bottom (always use baking rack for safety precaution and to ensure the result). Finally, it is better to experiment with one pot with mentioned water volume, to make sure that all the steps in making distilled water can be performed smoothly.

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