Purified Water VS Distilled Water for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women must pay attention to what they drink, and purified water is a common beverage any pregnant women can find in their houses. Basically, purified water is just the name for tap water that has been reduced of its contents until the acceptable level. After being depraved of all microbes and dangerous substances, purified water can be drunk out of the tap (at least in countries where tap water can be directly consumed without boiling). On the other hand, there is also distilled water, which is water in its cleanest and purest form, devoid of all minerals and microorganism whatsoever.

Purified Water VS Distilled Water for Pregnant Women

Purified Water VS Distilled Water for Pregnant Women

Purified Water: Better Option for Pregnant Women?

If we hear the explanation about distilled water, naturally we probably would think that distilled water is better for them. After all, it has nothing, beside the actual water. However, there is no reason whatsoever to reject purified water if the water in the local area is safe enough to drink, especially since distilled water is more expensive and taking longer to make (if you make it your own). Plus, rejecting purified water just to have ‘cleaner’ water can result in some serious mineral defects.

Water from the tap still has some mineral levels in its body, compared to distilled water. Minerals such as fluoride and nitrates are very important for both the mother and babies. While all of these can be gained from balanced menus, minerals in water still play significant role, especially since pregnant women are also advised to drink a lot and avoid dehydration. As long as the tap water is safe, and the women live in areas where drinking tap water is not issue, it is fine and even recommended to drink purified water.

Purified Water and Distilled Water Plus Points

In conclusion, pregnant women can save more money in water by drinking purified water instead of always buying distilled water. Also, pregnant women and their babies can get useful minerals from purified water. While distilled water is definitely pure, it does not contain anything that can contribute to the nutritional intake other than water for rehydration, which everyone can get easily from purified water. Therefore, purified water is simply easier and more convenient option for everyday drinking.

There are some exceptions, however; for example, if a pregnant woman is doing outdoor activities and need water, or if she is in emergency situation in the area where water is hard to get, distilled water is the best option (there are many easy ways to make distilled water for outdoor activities or survival, with simple tools). Also, distilled water is a good option if a pregnant woman is being in a country or place where the quality of the tap water is questionable, or if there is risk of heavy contamination in the local water.

In the end, the source of the water is not important, since each type of water has its own benefits for pregnant women. While distilled water is safe in areas where tap water has bad quality or in survival situation, purified water is usually good enough for pregnant women as well as cheaper and easier to get.

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