10 Top Seltzer Water Brands Sold In The Market

Seltzer or Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water (there is no clear distinction in the US), is actually regular water, artificially carbonated without an addition of any minerals. This procedure is labeled carbonation. Seltzer water is treated the main component used in various beverages.

Hence, in this article we will figure out several natural unflavored and flavored sparkling water brands. The first top 5 are unflavored seltzer water brands. Meanwhile, the rest are new flavored seltzer/sparkling water brands that have something unique to offer in these drinks.

seltzer water brands

seltzer water brands


Unflavored Seltzer Water Brands

  • Perrier Sparkling Water, France

There is no doubt that the brand of Perrier is the most well known for its seltzer water in the world. This water comes from a spring located in Vergeze France. The water used is naturally carbonized from carbon dioxide underground sources, the impact of volcanic gasses in the rocks beside the spring. Hence, it is enriched with the natural minerals and pleasant bubbles in the water that raise its overall flavor.


  • Voss Sparkling Water, Norway

Voss Water is one of the finest Seltzer Water Brands worldwide, brings its sparkling water from Norway, a country that produces the greatest water on earth. Voss Water considered as one of the purest seltzer/sparkling water brands in the world. The select balance of sodium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, and other natural minerals makes for excellent tasting water, available in the most stylish bottle design.


  • San Pellegrino, Sparkling Mineral Water, Italy

San Pellegrino is a very popular brand of Sparkling water bottled, all over Europe. It is considered as one of the finest brands due to its distinctive taste, and high carbonation draws from its source, situated in the foothills of the Italian Alps. San Pellegrino is also one of the highest sold seltzer/sparkling water in the world. Available in glass bottles, for its good taste.


  • Gerolsteiner Mineral ~ Germany

Gerolsteiner is a very great example of the Germans that have always trusted in doing something different. Gerolsteiner seltzer/sparkling water is considered a healthy and well-balanced beverage rich in several essential minerals. These minerals come from the water at the foot of the Eifel volcanic mountain region, that crosses through some layers of volcanic rock. The bubbles of the water have also drawn from underground sources of carbon dioxide


  • Crystal Geyser, Alpine Spring Water, USA

Crystal Geyser Spring Water, unlike other water sources, is bottled exclusively at the spring source. It comes from natural and pure protected Alpine springs sources, that have selected carefully. This practice naturally helps to produce the finest tasting water and also to keep the environmental wellness of the local spring.


Flavored Seltzer Water Brands

Beside the unflavored Seltzer Water brands, these new flavored water products aren’t like soda drinks, because of the enhanced levels of minerals, vitamins, and natural ingredients in these drinks. Each flavored seltzer water brands has something unique to present, that will keep you stay healthy and hydrated with a fun way all day long.


  • Sparkling ICE

Sparkling ICE is naturally flavored sparkling/seltzer mountain spring waters. They make a refreshing, zero-calorie beverage, but has a great taste. They blend naturally flavored sparkling water, with antioxidants, vitamins, and natural fruit juices to provide a strongly carbonated beverage, lack of sugar.

Flavors: Coconut pineapple, kiwi strawberry, lemon lime, pomegranate blueberry, orange mango, black raspberry, pink grapefruit, peach nectarine, crisp apple, and lemonade (classic, strawberry, raspberry, and lemonade with tea).


  • Metromint

The purest components like fresh mint blend with reverse osmosis water produce fresh mint essence water. As a healthy alternative drink, all natural Metromint has no sweeteners, no calories, and no preservatives. This natural mint could also relieve pain.

Flavors: Goodberry mint, orange mint, lemon mint, peppermint, cherry mint, chocolate mint, and spearmint.


  • Ayala’s Herbal Water

Are you ready to open up to the aroma and the bubbles, the sweet smell of light herbal figures and the rich carbonated taste? Sparkling Ayala’s Herbal Water applies organic extracts to enrich the water. It also has a series of carbonated choices that come in the most favorite flavors, such as lavender mint and lemongrass mint.

Flavors: Lemongrass mint vanilla, lemon verbena geranium, lavender mint, cinnamon orange peel, cloves cardamom cinnamon, and ginger lemon peel.


  • Blk                                             

Blk is a fresh alkaline mineral water, infused with naturally of black fulvic minerals. This innovative infusion, which gives the mineral waters different black color, contain minerals, antioxidants, amino acid and natural electrolytes. All these are increasing energy and remove the toxin. Don’t hesitate to try the jet-black water!                     

Flavors: Blk


  • Hint

Hint is a pure water, infused with fruits and herbs. It has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero diet sweeteners. Hint water has a range of seltzer water, named Hint Fizz with 4 flavors: strawberry-kiwi, watermelon, blackberry, and peach.

Flavors: Cucumber, watermelon, pomegranate-tangerine, honeydew-hibiscus, raspberry-lime, blackberry, mango-grapefruit, strawberry-kiwi, lime, and pear.

Those are the list of sparkling/seltzer water brands, as far as remedial research goes, sparkling/seltzer water doesn’t make any health issue. It contains no artificial sweeteners and destructive chemicals. The problem emerges when you drink sparkling water extensively. Thus, it should be drunk in moderation to enjoy it flawlessly.







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