Steam Distilled Water for Drinking Pros and Cons

Do you know that bottled water has put much burden upon the environment as plastic bottle production for drinking water takes million gallons of oil? So, it is the time to stop wasting money and harming the environment. You can consider steam distilled water for drinking at home. You can shift to reusable water bottle rather than disposable bottle and save more money and the environment. You can steam distill the water the at home and prepare it for you family with peace of mind.

Preparing steam distilled water for drinking

Preparing steam distilled water for drinking

Steam Distilled Water for Drinking Definition

Steam distilling refers to a process of boiling water using an enclosed container. This way, the steam is captured and reliquified. The steam distillation makes use of two container. The first container is used to boil the water. When the steam rises, a separate container is used to collect it. Then, the steam is cooled down naturally. So, what do remain in the first container? They are chemicals, minerals, and contaminants/

That is why some experts say that steam distilled water for drinking is just a natural product as it is produced by a natural process, namely heating and cooling. Basically, distillation process aims at removing any kind of impurities, bacteria, debris, and other contaminants. Therefore, distilled water has no minerals, solids, or trace elements. It has no taste.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam Distilled Water for Drinking


Some researches found that steam distilled water for drinking has some advantages. First of all, it is more cost effective than bottled water. You can distill the tap water at home. What you need to buy is a steam distiller, which you can buy for repeated use. Furthermore, steam distilled water for drinking is healthy, as it is completely pure. Steam distillation provides you with peace of mind as the process eliminate the debris and contaminants completely.

Steam distillation works great in the area where water supply is frequently in shortage. A steam distilled is able to purify any kind of water (even water filled with hazardous waste or mud). The device can provide you with safe and drinkable water as long as you have access to electric power.


However, steam distilled water for drinking also has some disadvantages, particularly when it comes to energy and costs. First of all, you have to buy a steam distiller, which may cost around $219 to $250. It is pretty costly. Then, you have to allocate more budget for monthly electricity bill, as the steam distiller depends solely upon electricity to work. Furthermore, steam distilling requires extra work even though it is pretty minimal. You need to spend some time and energy to clean the distiller regularly using a rust-removing cleaner. However, it is a simple task.

Overall, steam distillation is advisable since the distiller can serve you many years and require minimum maintenance. The hike of electricity bill usually not significant, compared to the money you otherwise spend for bottled water. However, those who never tasted steam-distilled water may need some time for adjustment. steam distilled water for drinking is completely tasteless; this makes it different from purified spring water, in which some traces of minerals remain.

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