The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Distilled Water To Drink

Distilled water has been used to be consumed by society since long time ago. However, there are still so many debates state whether drinking distilled water is safe or not for health. Distilled water is simply water that experience purification by boiling water that is condensed and collected in the container. The dirt on the water will not follow to evaporate. Te distilled water is considered as pure so that it is consumed by many people. The distilled water to drink still becomes debatable among expert. Some of them are doubt of the purity and the health, but some of them agree when the distilled water can be consumed by society.

The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Distilled Water To Drink

The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Distilled Water To Drink

The advantages of distilled water to drink

Do you think that distilled water give advantages to your body when you drink it? These are several opinions of the advantages of distilled water:

  • The process of distillation consists of boiling, evaporating and evaporate condensation. This process makes the lost of the hard element so that it make the water becomes pure. Drinking this distilled water is considered as healthy because it can absorb the toxic to get out from the body.
  • In the process of distillation, there will be a carbonate acid that is resulted from the water and carbon dioxide. The carbonate acid will reduce the PH of distilled water so that it can dissolve logam. Therefore, it will be very healthy for cooking because the nutrition within the food will be dissolved so that your body will get enough nutrition.
  • Therefore, it will be very good for diet. However, you need to pay attention on the diet with this distilled water it is because when you diet with the distilled water, there will be many rules that you need to pay attention.
  • It is safe using distilled water to drink because it is free from macroscopic toxic such as bacteria, germ, virus, protozoa and fungi so that it is very good to be consumed by you without being afraid on the disease that might you get from the water.
  • Distilled water can lose mineral within cell.

Besides those several kinds of advantages of distilled water to drink, there are also several disadvantages of distilled water, such as:

  • Consuming too much distilled water absorbs more carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide within the body will not good for your health. It must be the oxygen that should dominate your body.
  • In long term usage, it will make the lost of electrolyte within the body. It is not good because when you consume the distilled water too often, you will lose the electrolyte within your body.
  • The lack of electrolyte can cause the irregular heart beat and blood pressure fluctuation. Therefore, it is not good for your healthy.

Those are the advantages and the disadvantages of consuming distilled water to drink. There are so many ways in making the distilled water in everyday life of people today. The way to purify water by distilling the water is chosen because the dirt in the water will not will not evaporate and it experience the filter.

The distilled water should not be consumed too often, because it will increase the level of the acidity within the body. The distilled water will be acid when the carbon dioxide is absorbed by the air. Therefore, it is better not too consuming the distilled water too often. It is better too consuming water while you drink the distilled water to avoid the risk that might be given by the distilled water.

The distilled water to drink has shown its advantages and disadvantages for our body. There is no exact theory concluding that drinking distilled water will be healthier or not because when we considering the advantages and the disadvantages of the distilled water, it is better not too consume the water too often.

However, the wisest act that you can do is that you need to consume the water that is clear of its purity so that you do not need to worry about consuming the distilled water. When you are insisted to drink this kind of water, consuming it in the small number is very good. It is because the disadvantages of the distilled water to drink show that it is better to not consume it even when the advantages show its usefulness. It depends on you whether you want to consume the distilled water or to stop it because you can decide for your own about the thing that best to your body.

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