The Bad Effect Of Packaged Drinking Water

Nowadays, there is packaged drinking water that is sold in the market. Many people having an instant lifestyle tend to consume it for the sake of practice. However, that kind of package drinking water is actually not good and healthy.

  It is usually package in the bottle or plastic that can be reusable. This is already known that this is not good for health and environment.

Before deciding to consume packaged drinking water, it is better for you to know the side effect of the consumption of this kind of water. It will not only endanger your body health but also it has contributed to the environmental problem. Therefore, avoiding drinking these kinds of water will be very wise for you.

The Bad Effect Of Packaged Drinking Water

Packaged Drinking Water

What Is In Packaged drinking water ?

It is not for the sake of practice, the consumption of packaged drinking water must be reduced in order that it can avoid the bad effect caused by this packaged water, such as:

  • Containing harmful chemical

In the packaged drinking water, there are harmful chemical that can make the health of your body will be bothered. It will influence on the part of your body so that it can lead you to have the serious diseases like cancer. Therefore, it is very dangerous for your health so that it is better to avoid drinking this kind of water.

  • Obesity

There is a chemical substance within the plastic bottle that is used to save the water. It contains bisphenol A that can influence the activity of hormone within your body. It can make your body increasing fat and it can make the production of insulin within your body increases so that it will make your body weight increases.

  • Bacteria

To avoid bacteria within the packaged drinking water, you must drink it as soon as possible. Don’t let the water can get the sunshine because it will drive bacteria and microorganism grow fast. Bacteria and microorganism will grow well when you let it so that it will be very dangerous when you drink it after that.

  • Wrinkle lips

The habit of drinking packaged water can make the wrinkle in your lip because the process of drinking needs to wrinkle your lips so that it can be permanent when you do it often.

  • Environmental problem

After all of those side effects of packaged drinking water, it is also important that it also influences our environment. It will make many plastic bottles become the problem for the environment.

Therefore, it is clear that there are so many bad side effect of packaged drinking water. This kind of drinking water will affect on your health and the environment. It will cause cancer, obesity, wrinkle lips and other diseases caused by bacteria within the water and it can also harmful the environment.

Packaged water is known dangerous so that it is better to not drink it when it is not needed. Drinking fresh water is better than drinking this kind of water, so you can bring your own mineral water from home when you think that it is necessary.

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