Best Drinking Water Filter System for Home

With the wide range options of drinking water filter system, you may be confused about which one is the best choice for your home.

We will get to that problem soon; but before that, don’t you curious to know about why you need drinking water filter in your home? The root of the problem of this is tap water.

Due to unhealthy environment condition, pollution, and other contamination factors out there, simply drinks plain, old tap water will add you more problem. In today’s environment, most tap water is already contaminated with harmful materials, so it can greatly affect and cause more serious health problems.

The Best Drinking Water Filter System for Home

The Best Drinking Water Filter System for Home

Plain tap water is simple and easy, yet dangerous and risky. It contains some of the harmful materials such as arsenic, which appear significantly high and will likely to cause cancer if continuously consumed. Tap water also contains great amount of aluminum, which can cause Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, and serious liver problem.

So, to solve this problem we need best drinking water filtration system for home.  But, which one the best and healthy ?. Before that, we must know types of water filter first.

Types of Drinking Water Filter for Home

Depending on your needs, there are several methods of drinking water filter systems that you can use at home. Bring the benefits of distilled water and you can drink fresher and healthier water. Below are some drinking water filter systems for more effective harmful contaminants removal.

  • Distillation Filter

Distillation filter is the simplest use of drinking water filter system, in which the process is by boiling water to produce steam. The steam, then, cools and condenses to mineral water that is stored in the container. However, this process also eliminates all healthy natural minerals in the water.

Distilled water maybe have some benefits  and side-effects, but it’s a purest water. If you want use distilled water as drinking water, so you must know what is distilled water first.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO)

The RO filter is more preferable when it comes to remove chlorine, toss away about 80% of fluoride, both organic and inorganic contaminants, and more impurities. Unfortunately, major drawbacks from reverse osmosis water filter are that it also removes essential natural minerals from the water, and it’s pretty expensive.

 Nevertheless,Reverse Osmosis water very popular than distilled water. Instead, we need to know what it’s reverse osmosis water?, if a lot of goodness and badness of this type of water. Because here we are looking for best drinking water filtration system for home.

  • Ion Exchange Filter

The next option for drinking water filter is using ion exchange system. Just as the name suggests, the particular system works well by soften the water, and replace the natural mineral ions contained in the water with its own mineral ions.

Replacing the ions will result in better combination with carbon that leads to better effectiveness. Not only that, ion exchange filter also removes dissolved salts in the water.

But this seems pretty well suited for use on ships because of his ability to filter seawater (salt) into ready to drink water. However, there is nothing wrong if we wanted to try out for use at home.

  • Granular Carbon and Carbon Block Filters

This system combines two different methods, which are granular carbon and carbon block to provide more effective results. Granular carbon works by blocking system in the process of removing contaminants, adsorption, both chemical and physical.

This drinking water filter system works by activating EPA technology to remove harmful contaminants including pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals.

As for the carbon block filter, it offers superior filtering job by eliminating channeling with and compressed with the carbon medium. This method combines different media and system to remove wide range contaminants and harmful substance from your tap water.

Granular carbon and carbon block filters benefit you by creating sub-micron barrier to filter dangerous organisms.

When you are not sure about your home tap water, it is the best drinking water filter system for home use. It will give you better tasting and smelling drinking while eliminating all bacterial contaminants from the water.

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