Types of Bottled Water You Drink Every Day

Drinking bottled water is the easy ways to get pure water in daily life. Almost all types of bottled water has been processed with various filtering techniques to generate adequate consumption water.

Water is extremely needed for our body. About eighty percent of body property is filled with water. It is not only functioned to satisfy the thirst, but also to serve as a protective barrier to prevent any excess fluid loss. When the body water content gets lower in level, the metabolic system is likely slowed down. Seeing the importance facts of drinking water, drinking enough bottled water regularly is recommended.

The bottled water is probably the best win-win solution to always provide water whenever and wherever. There are so many brands of bottled water in the stores. They seem to look similar in the packages, but the obvious difference in water quality. Do you want to know the types of bottled water you drink every day? Let’s find out!

Types of bottled water

Types of bottled water

Nestle Pure Life

This mineral water is very popular in the United States. Almost every American family stocks up Nestle Pure Life water monthly. The company claims it as purified water, which has gone through 12 different steps quality process before it is distributed to the grocery stores.

The packages come in different sizes from 8 oz. to 3 & 5 gallons. In reality, this type of bottled water is drawn from the tap or simply called it as a water tap.


The jargon is Aquafina for happy bodies. The question is that, is it really safe for your body? This bottled water is processed in 7 different steps from the pre-filtration until ozonation process to lock in the water purity and give a perfect taste every time.

The perfect taste is then able to give everyone who drinks this water joy. However, let’s be smart and know where this water comes from. A reputable magazine in the United Sates tested the water quality already and found out Aquafina is surely water tap.

Alaska Premium Glacier

Unlike its name Alaska Glacier, which is always associated with the fresh air and clean water, one of the most well-known types of bottled water in the United States actually has some unrevealed secrets behind it.

The water has been asserted to be made since thousands of years ago in Alaska. It can bring you clean glacial water every time you drink it. But then again, it is only a persuasive marketing strategy to promote the bottled water. Bingo! Your guess is right that Alaska Premium Glacier is also water tap.

SoBe LifeWater

This bottled water is maybe a bit different from the other three mineral water above. SoBe LifeWater is zero-calorie bottled water. It has got antioxidant flavors, but has not perpetuated with some massive marketing campaigns.

This very young brand of bottled water contains 100 calories and 24 grams sugar per. Recently, some research report depicts the ingredients lists. The sugar alcohol has lots of additives in it and possibly can cause bloating.

O.N.E. Coconut Water

The other popular types of bottled water are cold and delicious O.N.E. Coconut Water. Pepsi launched this new brand of afternoon staple to the American citizens and so far placed in the 2nd rank of popular coconut drinks.

Teenagers mostly become big fans of this coconut water from the Philippines because it is extremely refreshing and superior. It’s definitely a good stuff to lift up your mood. However, you should know that O.N.E. Coconut Water contains 60 calories and 14 grams sugar per 11.2 ounces container.

Bling H2O Water

One of the most expensive types of bottled water is Bling H2O. It costs $55 per bottle. 9 steps purification processes are experienced by this most expensive water. The truth is there are no vitamins at all inside Bling H2O.

What makes it expensive then? The bottles of Bling H2O water are limited-edition frosted glasses and covered with Swarovski crystal. Would you buy the bottles or the mineral water?

Arctic Clear

Arctic clear is claimed to be originated from Arctic Continent. Besides, the company claims that this water is free from fluoride that is dangerous for body health. What’s surprising about this bottled water is that the natural spring from the Arctic isn’t really from there but from Tennessee.


The same case goes to Everest bottled water. Senior high school students in California always have these types of bottled water for their drink. Besides the price is reasonable, the water comes from Mount Everest springs as advertised on the labels. Wow, amazing! In fact, the Everest water is originally from Texas.


This Artesian bottled water is purified from water aquifer in a remote valley in Fiji. Before it is handed to your hands, these types of bottled water are shipped from Viti Levu, Fiji which is 7,800 miles away from New York. So, it’s pretty ecologically challenging to finally drink Fiji.

To sum up, those ten most popular bottled waters you drink every day is actually tap water. Other types of bottled water are sugar water, expensive in packages and shamefully from unnatural springs. I think after you read this articles, you know how to choose best bottled water to drink.

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