Water Purification Process in Bottled Water Company

Bottled water companies have huge tasks of producing healthy and safe products for mass consumption, and therefore must pay attention to every production step, especially water purification process. Not all bottled water companies get their water from artesian aquifer, which is hidden way deep in-between rock layers in the earth and therefore cleaner. Many get their water from surface water source, which has higher risk of contamination, and therefore they need to make sure that the water purification process goes smoothly.

Water Purification Process in Bottled Water Company

Water Purification Process in Bottled Water Company

Steps of Water Purification Process                                      

There are many steps in processing natural water source into ready-to-drink bottled water, but some stages are dedicated to purify the water into potable drink. Here are the stages necessary to purify water and turn it into bottled water:

  • Inspection and quality testing. Once the water is drawn from the source, it must go through inspection and strict quality testing to see what kind of abnormalities present in the water. Plus, this stage also helps the company to determine what kind of chemicals they need to free the water from impurities and contaminants.
  • Carbon filtration. If the water source comes from municipal water facility, this water purification process is necessary to remove chlorine that is originally added.
  • Water softener and demineralization. Basically, this stage deals with all unwanted mineral particles in the water. While water softening replaces unwanted mineral ions, demineralization uses distillation or osmosis process.
  • Mineral adding. Certain bottled water brand uses addition of minerals to give flavor that consumers like.
  • Several other filtration processes, consist of micro filtration and UV filtration. These water purification processes remove really small particles (which can be as small as 2 microns in size) and removes other contaminants that probably still linger. The process must be monitored every hour.
  • Extra disinfection process using ozone. This process is done during micro filtration and UV filtration process.

All these stages are standard in water purification process in bottled water company to make sure that consumers get safe products. Each stage must also be monitored in hourly basis to make sure that the company produces the best bottled water.

Supporting Facilities in Water Purification Process

Bottled water companies deal not only with the water, but also with the containers (bottles and gallons). The water purification process is done while the bottles and gallons are also processed. The bottles and gallons are sanitized in special sanitary line, and the filling is done in special, sanitary room, to make sure that each bottle and gallon of water is safe to drink. Also, all products (water, bottles and gallons) must go through extensive quality control process to make sure they are safe and sanitary.

All responsible bottled water companies will apply standard water purification process along with continuous quality assurance and monitoring during each stage, as well as sanitation and quality control actions in making and filling the bottles and gallons. These are necessary to make sure that the consumers only buy high quality bottled water products with standardized sanitary and quality.

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