What Is Alkaline Water ? Harmful or benefits

Alkaline water is water that has a high pH or acidity which typically has a pH above 9. But in fact, the regulations issued by the united states environmental protection agency (EPA) is a neutral pH level for drinking water is 7.

Nowadays, you can find two different types of water. Those are ordinary fresh water and alkaline water. The first type of water is easily found and you tend to drink it.

So, how about the alkaline water? Before consuming this type of water, it is better to know more about what is alkaline water good for ?. It’s harmful or benefits.

The Different Between Alkaline Water and Ordinary Water

The common fresh water has pH level 7 and it is different than alkaline water. The simple explanation about alkaline water is water which has pH level more than 7.

Alkaline water is also known as ionized water. The different between alkaline water and ordinary fresh water is on its health benefits. Before learning about the benefits, it is better for you to know about how to make this water so you really know that alkaline water is different than ordinary fresh water.

alkaline water

alkaline water

Generally, alkaline water or ionized water is produced by using distiller machine. This machine will convert the ordinary water into steam. Then, the steamed water will condense back into water.

The function of this process is to clean the impurities and also the acid toxins within the water. On the other hand, you also need to know about artificial alkaline and natural alkaline water.

The main different is on its health benefits. If you drink artificial alkaline water, you will not feel the health benefits. Instead, you have to face side effects which can disturb your health.

So, it is very important for you to know whether you are drinking natural alkaline water or artificial alkaline water. Just like the name of the product, natural alkaline water consists of natural mineral and it doesn’t use any kind of electricity to produce alkaline water.

Is it safe for you to drink alkaline water daily? Actually, if you are drinking natural alkaline water it means you are suggested to drink it daily. In fact, you have to drink at least 2 liters of alkaline water if it is possible.

By drinking this type of water, your body will have a good hydration process. Moreover, your body can also produce antioxidant so you can’t get easily sick.

The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water Regularly

After learning a little bit about  alkaline water, this is the time for you to learn more about the benefits of this type of water. Don’t underestimate this water and even you can compare it with ordinary water you drink everyday.

The first benefit of drinking alkaline water is to slow down the aging process. It is also known that alkaline water can prevent tooth decay and bone loss.

Several serious diseases can also be prevented by drinking alkaline water regularly. For example, you can prevent arthritis, osteoporosis, and kidney disorder.

Due to the function to normalize the pH of your blood level, alkaline water can also useful for those who are suffered from high blood pressure. Of course, you can prevent hydration problem but you can solve the problem faster by drinking this type of water than the ordinary water.

Furthermore, alkaline water is effectively helping you to reduce the risk of dry hair and dry skin. Just try to drink alkaline water at least 30 days regularly.

How Alkaline Water Helps to Keep Your Health

Probably, you want to know about the way this type of water helps you to increase your health. For your information, alkaline water can produce vitamin and mineral which is good for your body.

It is possible because alkaline water consists of 4 up to 6 molecules. On the other hand, ordinary water consists of more water molecules which are around 10 up to 13 water molecules.

That’s why ,drinking alkaline can also act as detoxification program. Moreover, your body is also producing acid regularly. To reduce the level of acid, it is better to drink alkaline water regularly.

By doing such kind of simple treatment, you can purge the acid waste within your body. Interestingly, you can also try this treatment to treat flu or cold. If you want to free from bone and degeneration problems, you can just drink this water regularly.

Even, alkaline water believes can prevent and fight against cancer. Thanks to the pH level and also the detoxification function which can effectively reduce the risk of various types of diseases. The next thing to do is that you have to find natural alkaline water and consume it everyday to feel the result.

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