What Is Distilled Water PH Level ?

Health is determined by your lifestyle, diet and ways of thinking. You can be healthy when you eat healthy food, do sufficient physical exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and drink distilled water. In this remark, what is distilled water pH? It is a simple question, which can be answered easily from the available information.

Yet, to test the pH level of purified or distilled water, you need to get into laboratory setting. In this setting, test is conducted based on the steady distilled water, its purest form and bottled distilled water.

 distilled water ph

distilled water ph


What Is Distilled Water pH measurement standard Value?

Conducting pH level test is simple in laboratory because there are adequate testing devices to measure the pH level.

In the same line, is bottled water having pH of 7? In the production process, it is feasible to find out 7 on pH level. On bottled distilled water, it is approximately 5.5. Purity is the key for distilled water safety.

Through the pureness of the water you consume, you can assure your own health.  You can refer“ The pH level of  distilled water”  to the product information on the label.

Concurrent researches, which involve panels of respondents, have found that drinking distilled water on the package may influence the removal of hazardous metals from the body.

As stated previously, distilled water has definite number 7 on its purest form at the manufacturing stage. So, what is distilled bottled water pH level?

Sometimes, manufacturers are quite informative toward the customers by attaching the pH level on the label. The information allows individual customers to understand the consequences of drinking distilled water benefits.

Indeed, it is significant to know what you drink by measuring the proper pH level. A grade of 5.5 on the bottled distilled water may indicate that the carbon is still present. The information reflects the corroding effects to minerals and electrolytes in the body.

As such, you can find that pH level signifies the quality of distilled water in the market.


Distilled water pH Level indicator

 There are good indicators to select distilled water advertised in the drinking water market. Even though the bottled water products can be determined by pH level on the labels, but there are definite differentiations among these products based on pH level:

  • Neutral or pH level 7: In its purest form, drinking water may be used to refurbish stamina and immune system, among others;
  • Acid or pH level <7: It indicates the presence of carbonic acid may disintegrate softer metals in the body; and
  • Alkali or pH level >8: Most bottled water is in this pH level, which gives refreshing mineral taste.

In essence, there is no significant difference in pH level of drinking water. In its purest form, drinking water may remove excess of hazardous metals and substances in the body. The acidic level of drinking water is intended to remove harmful metals; and alkali is preferred to give taste on bottled water.

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