What is Distilled Water ? Get Explanations And Facts

Distilled water is the purest water.This water is free from various contamination. Distilled water should contain only hydrogen and oxygen molecules and has a pH  level more than 7, no minerals, micro-organisms or other materials.

Distilled water is an excellent solvent with conductivity is 0-100 μs. So it is very good to dissolve substances that are electrolytes. We can obtain distilled water through a process called distillation.

In the distillation process, water is boiled up into water vapor. The Water vapor is then cooled will be condensed into water again.

what is distilled water

steam distilled water

When you find yourself in difficulty in drinking regular water, you may need distilled water. Although, drinking distilled water benefits still  being debated.

There are some experts say that distilled water is dangerous because it is an active absorber that able easily to absorb contaminant on the air when contact it.

And other experts say that distilled water is best water to drink because this water can absorb toxic substances that settles in the body to removed easily.


Processes In Distill Water

What is distilled water? The question should be replied with technical knowledge concerning the process of making, equipment used, the use of product, and the benefits.

For many reasons, individuals tend to consume purified water nowadays, one of which is distilled water. In principal, there is nothing special about the water except the degree of purification.

Through your naked eyes, you cannot differentiate between regular purified water and distilled water. To attest the differences, you need to take the sample into the laboratory. Laboratory testing is able to differentiate ions contained in both samples of water.

Indeed, for commoners there is one thing they can discern to differentiate which one is normal water and which one is purified water: product label. This is quite awkward to overstate the benefits of using sanitized water over regular water. In fact, through proper boiling at your kitchen, you may have more cleaned water.

The good thing about distilled water is the purity level of the water. When you want to know more about, “What is distilled water use for?” you can try to make distilled water at home.

Can home refine water through available device and equipment? The answer is positive. You can use kettle at home, which is linked to a container in another side of the boiled kettle. Water resulting from this process is lesser in amount compared to the initial filling as the process of boiling and condensation.

Distilling water can be expensive. It means you need to prepare certain amount of water to generate purified water in the desired amount. During the process, when you use electricity, then your electricity bill may increase.

The public’s do not realize that the water tap used to recharge the vehicle battery is using distilled water. Therefore, common individuals may not be able to answer “What is distilled water?” You may be surprised with the facts found on purified water and non-purified water:

  •  The mineral contents in distilled water are lesser compared to regular water;
  •  The purified water is fresher than normal water, yet individuals should taste it at first hand;
  •  The water resulted from purification process is more expensive.


Differentiating Distilled Water

 Product labels may influence individuals to recognize which one is purified and which one is not. Concerning the question “What is distilled water good for?” you may lead individuals to pay attention the label.

That is the first method to differentiate refined water to regular water. The second method may involve the cleanness of the water. Cleaner water indicates that it has been purified through appropriate distillation process.

If individuals ask you about distilled water definition, you can say, its a purest water ever and try to serve them with a glass of distilled water and ask  about the taste.

They may find that distilled water is fresher than normal water is. These should answer the question about the difference between pure water and just regular water; despite the fact that sea-salt water and contaminated water can be purified through distillation process.




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