What is Seltzer Water? Uses And Benefits For Health

Is Seltzer Water as Healthy as Regular Water?

~The Misconceptions Surrounding Seltzer Water Health~

Unsweetened bubbles are a healthy drink, and bubbles, it’s fun! Now we sound awareness of the risk of drinking soda, both sugary and sugar-free. But what about seltzer or carbonated water? There are cases that carbonation decrease calcium in bones, irritable bowel syndrome, causes tooth damage, and can make you fat even without the sugar, calories, and flavor, as in soda drinks. But how solid are these cases? Let’s look into it.


What is Seltzer Water?

Seltzer—also known by the name carbonated water, bubbly water, and sparkling water, comes with many health myths as it does describe. So what is seltzer water? Seltzer water is actually similar to mineral water supplied by nature, but it is artificially carbonated without the addition of any minerals.

The process of carbonation is just adding the pressurized carbon dioxide gas to plain water. This type of water is very well-known as a drink, and is commonly drunk as an alternative to carbonated drinks. The Seltzer water varies as either plain or flavored, the flavor variety consist of natural extracts and have no calories or carbohydrates.

what is seltzer water

seltzer water


How to Make a Difference between Seltzer Water and Soda or Tonic Water?

It is almost difficult to make a difference between Seltzer water and soda/tonic water that have additional minerals to enhance its flavor. The latter, due to the mineral contents, is a high calorie drink and harmful. Tonic water often consists of added sodium and sugar, soda water consists of citric acid and salts.

Meanwhile, Seltzer water only consists of two components, water and carbon dioxide gas. It is commonly referred to as a healthy drink we are supposed to switch to when we stop drinking sugary soda.


The Usage of Seltzer Water

There are some different usages of Seltzer water we should know, such as:

  • As Drink Mixer

Carbonation adds a festive flair to cocktails and fruit juices.

  • A Natural Medical Remedy

Commonly used to relieve symptoms of acidity and digestive disorder.

  • In Soda Fountains

Seltzer water is used by most restaurants in soda fountains to create sodas on-demand.


Should We Drink Seltzer Water?

Some questions related to our health often revealed, since people think that carbonated waters are unhealthy. Don’t worry, we can drink Seltzer water safely. It is healthy, and nothing to worry about, according to 5 of 5 experts:

  • It is unsweetened bubbles, it hydrates. As we know, there is no calories, acids, sugars and salt are being added. It won’t weaken your bones like Cola.
  • It is a great soda alternative, since we should stop drinking sugary sodas that is bad for our health.
  • It counts toward our daily H2O. It is like drinking regular water, according to a professor in Health policy.
  • It also makes us ate less, since that bubbles can make us feel full. So don’t insist on sparkling water.


The Benefit of Seltzer Water Health

There is not enough information about what is seltzer water benefits, especially in the internet. People now questioned, what if you drink a lot of it? So let’s make it clear the misconceptions surrounding Seltzer water health.

  • Benefit our digestion. Carbonated water is commonly used to relieve digestive disorder symptoms.
  • Decrease risk of heart disease. Post menopausal women have good cholesterol by taking carbonated water.
  • It won’t destroy our enamel teeth. Studies have shown only sodas that consist of citric acid, can weaken the enamel.
  • No calcium depletion. Other components in soda may do that, but not carbonation.


A Few Things to Watch Out

As we mentioned above, carbonated waters do not remove bone calcium, lead to stone formation; neither do they erode tooth enamel. All those are coming from beverages that are sugar-sweetened. However, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Stomach trouble: For some people, drinking too much of sparkling water could cause some unpleasant stomach symptoms. People who have Irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux should drink carbonated water in limited quantities, since it may aggravate their condition.
  • Flavors: If you drink more water, but you add soda mix in it, it could be equal as soda. This is what you need to watch out for.
  • Sneaky sodium and sugar: As we know, Tonic water and bottled club soda contain additional minerals, so don’t forget to read the labels carefully, since there are sometimes sparkling drinks that may also contain added sodium and sugar.


So after you know what is seltzer water, why don’t you try flavoring your sparkling water with lemon and lime slices, mint leaves, or fresh fruit? Or experiment it with adding new combinations of cucumbers, honey, and herbs to plain carbonated water to change up the flavor. Once again, as long as it is plain carbonated water with no added any minerals, it’s healthy and fun, just like at a fancy spa! Let’s try it!





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