What to Know about Under Sink Water Filter

Water filter now is a primary need in many households, installed so families can get clean drinking water right away. Under sink water filter is one of various household filter types available widely in the market. This water filter helps if your tap water taste funny or if you have children/pregnant women in the house and want to make sure that the water is safe for them. Installing under sink water filter makes your tap water safer and fresher, and reduces the piling up of water bottles. You can also save money because you can reduce the purchase of bottled water or gallons.

Under Sink Water Filter

Under Sink Water Filter

Why Buying Under Sink Water Filter?

Under sink water filter is a convenient way to get clean drinking water every day without having to buy special dispenser-style filter (which means that you have to directly pour water in it and wait before drinking). Once you turn on the tap, you instantly get filtered drinking water, especially if you live in area where tap water can be instantly consumed. Under sink water filter is also useful to reduce unpleasant taste of tap water.

This water filter can also be easily installed by plumbers or even yourself, and depend on the type and your plumbing system, installing this water filter is a more efficient way to save money on drinking water source at home compared to continuously buying water gallons or bottles.

What to Know before Installing Under Sink Water Filter

Since you must spend maintenance and residual costs, there are several things to consider before buying under sink water filter, such as:

  • Choosing the type. This is determined by testing the water in your home, so you can pick the right type of water filter. For example, cheaper 1 Stage or 2 Stage water filter is good if your water quality is good but still has small amount of sediments and chlorine that affect the taste.
  • Shop around. There are many filter products in the market; some earn good reviews, some mediocre, and some unanimously voted as bad. Make sure you already get several recommendations that suit your needs, and find one that has all or the most features you need. Sometimes, the one you really need is something that has few features and cheap price, since you also only need small improvement after all.
  • Installation method. Some under sink water filters can only be installed by plumbers, while others can be installed by you with the right tools and several steps. Make sure you know how to do it if you decide to install it yourself.
  • Required compatibility and space. Make sure the under sink water filter can fit perfectly under your sink, and compatible with all your fixtures.
  • Costs. Make sure you count not only the price and installment cost, but also maintenance cost, filter replacement cost, frequencies of filter replacement, and such.

Under sink water filter is a great way to get clean and potable water quickly every day, but you need to consider some detailed factors that will affect your daily routine while you use the water filter.

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