Why Should Use Whole House Reverse Osmosis System?

Whole house reverse osmosis system is a water filtering device that works to clean water from a variety of contamination, making it safe to use for the needs of the entire household.

Water produced by this water filter system does not need to be processed again. It will safe the cost.

Life and water, these words relate to each other. In the healthy lifestyle, drink enough water always be the important part. Even physicians recommend it too. Considering about the importance of water, this is important to take a look before consuming or using water for the daily use.

The good water must contain the healthy minerals. It has some mineral inside, but the contents are still under control. For an example, the healthy water can be seen from the dissolved solids. When the amount of the dissolved solid is too high, it seems you need a reverse osmosis system.

whole house reverse osmosis system

whole house RO system

What is Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse osmosis system is a POU (Point of Use). It means the system has used to treat the water for drinking and the cooking purposes. This system installed under the kitchen sink. Unlike the usual water filter, reverse osmosis system works more than just a filter.

It removes the broad range of contaminant and make the water safe to consume. When you are looking for whole house reverse osmosis system information, you will also see about the whole house water filter.

Maybe you will see the comparison between the reverse osmosis system and the whole house water filter too. In the general purpose, reverse osmosis system and the whole house water filter has the essential differences.

Reverse osmosis system changes the contaminant water into a ready-to-drink water. In the other side, whole house water filter just work as a general water filter. It changes the contaminant water and make it ready for the general use such as bathing, cleaning and for laundry.

 More Differences between Whole House Water Filter and Reverse Osmosis System

Talking about whole house reverse osmosis system, it will be interesting to start the discussion from the difference between reverse osmosis system and the whole house water filter.

In the last discussion, you can see the difference between reverse osmosis system and the whole house water filter is located at the output. But you cannot get the different output without the different method.

Why reverse osmosis system can give the better filtration than the whole house water filter? Actually, the key is located at the filtration size. Reverse osmosis system has a very small filtration size. The size is just 0.0001 micron.

This is much smaller than the filtration size of whole house water filter. In whole house water filter, the filtration size is just 10 up to 30 micron. This is why whole house water filter can filter more water than reverse osmosis system.

With the different filtration size, course it affects to the average flow rate too. In here, whole house water filter looks better with 10 gallons per minute. This is much bigger than the reverse osmosis system. With 0.0001 micron of filtration size, this system only produce 45 gallons per day.

Actually, this is make a sense. This is also suitable with the number of the needs. When whole house water filter works for the entire home, reverse osmosis system only serves the consumer needs.

 Using the Water Filter Effectively

The different need must be fulfilled with the different way. This what you see from the whole house reverse osmosis system. You cannot expect for the complete function only from a filter.

For this, you need the whole house water filter and reverse osmosis system as a single unit. You need to combine these filters to get the best work. For the large use such as cleaning, bathing and gardening, you need whole house water filter.

And for drinking water needs, you need reverse osmosis system. The interesting thing about reverse osmosis system is about the output. With this system, you can get the quality water, just like the bottled water.

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